Toolbox Murders 2 on it’s way!

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Mar 102011

Tobe Hooper’s so-called remake of the original Video Nasty is getting the sequel treatment. Personally i really enjoyed Hooper’s version, for what it was. It was an incredibly dark and disturbing tale which, to be fair, was not up to Hooper’s usual standards but it was a nasty little tale all the same. Based in a rundown hotel, a creature lurks behind darkened corridors, lift shafts and all other places where it can prey on residents, and prey it did.

Dean C Jones has signed up as the new director, and thankfully he did the FX work on Hooper’s version so has some experience. A few years back the story was supposedly going to follow on from the events of the first, although the residents have now relocated to a nearby hospital and old Leatherface look-a-like is back.

Tony Todd (Candyman) and Jeffrey Combs (Reanimator) have been approached to star, but as yet have not confirmed. Lance Henrikosn IS on board (hurrah!) along with Brian Krause (Charmed), Ethan Phillips (Star Trek: Voyager) and Chauntal Lewis (Seance) will be the leading lady.

(Source: Empire)

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