Kate Beckinsale offered a lead role in the Total Recall ‘reboot’

The Total Recall remake is really beginning to take shape, and the most recent news is that Kate Beckinsale has been approached to take one of the lead female roles in the film. If anything, this story just gives me a reason to share some pictures of the lovely actress with you, but I suppose I’d best get to the important stuff…

Kate’s husband Len Wismeman is directing the remake of Paul Verhoevan’s classic Arnie film from 1990. Kate is being asked to play the part of Lori, and if you remember, this was Arnie’s wife, played by Sharon Stone in her first major role. Colin Farrell is on board to star as Doug Quaid, Arnie’s character, and so if Kate takes the role, Farrell will be the lucky man married to her, until she turns against him that is. Eva Mendes and Rosario Dawson have also been approached for the role of Melina, the person who ends up helping Doug on the Red Planet.

In case you forgot, the film is mostly set on Mars, with Doug Quaid buying dream vacations to Mars from a company called Rekall Inc. The implanted memories lead Doug to belive he is a secret agent, and end up living with a martian colony who are battling a nasty villain who controls the air they breathe. I have heard some sad rumours that the remake will be based on Earth, so lets prey that’s not the case.

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