The Bourne Legacy: Jeremy Renner tipped to star

Ever since his stunning performance as Sergeant First Class William James in Kathryn Bigelow’s incredible war film The Hurt Locker, Jeremy Renner has gone from strength to strength and is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. He deserves it too, for after the Hurt Locker we saw him in the equally brilliant The Town, superbly directed by Ben Affleck. Renner has since gone on to play Hawkeye in Thor (released this Monday),  and will also be seen in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Hansel and Gretel: The Witch Hunters and The Avengers, so he is a very busy man indeed.

Rumours have been flying around about Renner playing the main role in the Bourne spin-off, Bourne: Legacy, and it would seem that all Renner needs to do now is sign. I love he Bourne films, and Matt Damon filled that character with style, substance and incredible confidence, Damon IS Bourne, in the same way Kiefer Sutherland IS Jack Bauer. And so, I am pleased they are not simply ‘replacing’ Damon, and taking the Bourne story off on a different story. I believe it is a brave move, and one which will undoubtedly pay off if Renner gets the part.

The Bourne: Legacy will focus on another secret  government programme, even more dangerous than Treadstone, and Renner will play the operative. The film will be directed by Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton) and is set for release August 17th 2012.

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