First official image and a description of the first ever footage shown at Comic Con of Prometheus!

The above image is the first official image to be released for Ridley Scott’s (is it, or isn’t it?) Alien prequel Prometheus. It is not much to go on, but I like the dark tone to it, and it reminds me of Alien spliced with Event Horizon, a match made in sci-fi horror heaven! Anyway, Scott gave fans a glimpse of his new film at this years Comic Con and while we do not have the footage to show you, we do have a full breakdown of what happened and that will follow shortly. The clip was rated PG-13  but please don’t be put off, Scott is saving the real horrific stuff for when the film gets released here in the UK June 1st 2012. Scott said he did not want to hinder the movie by showing too much nasty stuff because he wants to “scare the shit out of you” when it hits cinemas! When also asked of the Alien connection he said:” It has the DNA of the original ‘Alien’ that’s it. Everything else is completely original.

The film has an impressive cast including Michael Fassenbender, Charlize Theron, G uy Pearce, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba and Ben Foster and will no doubt be one of the biggest films of next year. I cannot wait for this, and here is a breakdown of what went on in that clip written by Andrew Kasch:

“We see bursts of crew members on spaceship that looks much like the Nostromo … We see hypersleep chambers.

Intercut with footage of crew in space suits exploring Giger-esque caverns including a platform that looks like the place where the Space Jockey is. Lots of strange pods are laid out.

Michael Fassbender in a lab exploring some goopy alien material.

Charlize Theron screams “Get back!” and blasts a man with a flamethrower.

Asthetically and design wise it looks exactly like the original Alien. Definitely in the same universe. Scott teased the crowd that in the final minutes of the movie, a big question leftover from Alien is going to be answered. He also teased that there might be one android on the crew.

More footage details:

Charlize practically naked doing pushups

Lots of crew members screaming

A guy in a space suit is sucked back into a tunnel.

By Matt Wavish

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