Filming of Red Dwarf X beginning month

According to Co-Creator Doug Taylor and Red Dwarf’s official website, the long awaited 10th series of Red Dwarf will begin filming in November 2011. All regular cast members, including Rimmer (Chris Barrie), Lister (Craig Charles), Cat (Danny John-Jules) and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) will reprise their roles in 6 episodes. Each episode will likely be 30 minutes and is pidgeon holed for broadcast on the Dave channel during September 2012.

Rumours have been growing that the producers might resort to the model effects of early series as opposed to CGI. It has also been stated that Holly the ship computer might make a reappearance.

Craig Charles recently talked about the forthcoming series during his apprearance on This Morning by stating: –

 “It is exciting. The last series was 1998 – and we started it in ’87… but I’ll be back in the leathers, back in the dreadlocks. Everyone is back on board and they are building the sets now at Shepperton.

“It’s going to be like the old days, we are going to rehearse, and record it in front of a live studio audience. Everyone’s older, but I could still fit in the costumes!”

“We all really wanted to do it… the only problem was trying to get some time off Coronation Street, but they’ve been really good to me and given me the time off. It would’ve been terrible if they went off to do it without me!”


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