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Directed by Jack Perez
Written by Ryan Levin
Starring Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black, Leo Fitzpatrick, Ariel Gade and Lucy Davis


Kevin Corrigan plays Ken, a quiet yet brilliant comic book artist who works at an ice-cream parlour. Bullied as a teenager, Ken is socially awkward and prefers his own company rather than that of anyone else, including his own mother (played by the fabulous Karen Black) who he lives with. After spending some of his late teenage years in a mental institute, Ken wants nothing but revenge on his tormentors. When the bullies start turning up dead in quite humourous yet bloody ways, the local Sheriff (Barry Bostwick) and his team investigate. Ken continues to keep a low profile and inadvertantly meets his estranged daughter, Amy (Ariel Gade) whilst handing out leaflets dressed as an ice-cream cone. Balancing this and a spark of a relationship with blonde Brit, Stephanie (Lucy Davis), Ken copes with his tormented life but it’s only a matter of time before the police will come knocking at his door…

Some Guy Who Kills People was on my ‘must-see’ list at Grimm Up North 2011 festival in October, where it was having a UK Premiere screening. The trailer promised a colourful, comic book style black comedy drama and it didn’t disappoint. From the start we are treated with flashback scenes cleverly portrayed in black and white, with a hint of colour. We instantly warm to the troubled soul of Ken, played brilliantly sympathetic by Kevin Corrigan. His inability to have a normal conversation or outgoing personality really hits it off with the characters he interacts with, such as his sarcastic, droll mother. His daughter is played by the charming young actress Ariel Gade, who rises to the challenge and proves she can act comfortably and confidently with an older cast. As her character Amy, Ariel provides the much needed enthusiasm and passion that Ken lacks and together they create a strong partnership that gives the film it’s warm, sensitive glow. Of course, we don’t want you going all mushy. There’s plenty of bloody slaughter that goes on, albeit in a dark comic way. For instance, one victims hand is sliced off and the fingers can be seen twitching in the background. The gruesome deaths provide material for the Sheriff, who definately steals the show in this film and is played by the wonderful Barry Bostwick, better known as Brad ‘Damnit Janet’ Majors, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I always wondered what had happened to him and to find him in this film, years on, keeping a straight face whilst spouting the funniest stuff I’ve heard in a long time, well, it was a darn pleasure. I was not alone in the ‘laugh out loud’ moments, as the rest of the audience cared to join me in a giggle or three. Special mentions to Lucy Davis, who we all know as Dawn from The Office. Whilst not a stretch of a performance, she gives a good show as Ken’s new flame, and with Ken’s daughter Amy, she tries to revitalise and strengthen Ken’s life.

The executive producer of this film is none other than An American Werewolf in London director, John Landis, and he doesn’t put his name to any old  rubbish! Some Guy Who Kills People was written by Ryan Levin, who has also wrote and worked on the smash hit hospital comedy series, Scrubs. The only slight worry I had before laying eyes on the film was that Jack Perez, of Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, had the role of director. When I thought about how much I enjoyed MS vs GO in contrast to Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, I relaxed and having watched Some Guy Who Kills People, I can confidently say that Jack Perez has done an amazing job, backed up by the solid, witty script by Ryan Levin.

Some Guy Who Kills People is a feel good film for horror fans. It satisfies your bloodlust, makes you laugh and has a touching story woven throughout. The colours used in the film are mesmerising and I almost want to lick the screen as if it was a delicious ice-cream that Ken serves up at the parlour. I need not ask for sprinkles as the film is coated with extra layers to create a well rounded film. It ticks so many boxes, including drama, horror and comedy, and packages them in such a stylish way. This film is the ultimate remedy after watching a series of downright deviant horror. Your spirit will be lifted and invigorated and you’ll be smiling until the credits role.

Rating: ★★★★½


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  1. […] I’d been excited for the next film since seeing the trailer. Colourful, funny yet bloody, SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE was going to brighten up the weekend with it’s unique, subtle humour – and it didn’t disappoint. We follow Ken (Kevin Corrigan), a lonely, misunderstood individual who works in an ice-cream parlour after being released from a mental institute after having being attacked in his youth by bullies. Wanting to move on, Ken thrives at the ice-cream parlour but events lead to him encountering the bullies from his past which only make matters worse. To add to the pressure of his daily life, his estranged 11 years old daughter comes into his life and a possible romance with a blonde, English woman named Stephanie ignites. The only way he can lead a normal life is to punish those who made it miserable, so Ken sets out to kill his tormentors once and for all. What a brilliant film. Excellent performance from all involved but a special nod to Ariel Gade, who plays Ken’s daughter, and Barry Bostwick, who we all know as Brad from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as the Sheriff. It was an uplifting film, with lots of vivid colour and dialogue that had us all laughing in the cinema. Karen Black also put in a fab performance as Ken’s sarcastic mother. This film wasn’t without bloodshed. The killing scenes are amusing but gory at the same time and I can only describe this film as a black comedy horror. It’s truly fantastic and you must see it Rating: Click here to read my full review of Some Guy Who Kills People […]

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