HCF videogames brief news round up

It’s been a good day in terms of announcements and news, so here’s a brief round up.

First off, the new trailer for Resident Evil 6 is here, with the news that the release date has moved. Before you moan, it’s not been delayed as is usually the case, it’s actually been brought forwards! By over a month! The new release date now stands as 2/10/2012. Check out the trailer below, which shows Leon and Chris squaring up to each other.

Capcom have also announced another Lost Planet sequel. Lost Planet 3 is being developed for PS3, 360 and PC, due for release in early 2013. Which should mean a return of giant bugs, mech-suits and arcade shooter goodness. May need to get cracking with Lost Planet 2 then!


In music news(!), Classic FM, the UK’s biggest classical music station held their annual Hall of Fame over the Easter weekend. The reason I mention this, is that for the first time in it’s 17 year history, the station saw not one, but two new entries into the poll, from two fantastic games. Flying in at 238, is Skyrim’s main theme, Dragon Born, composed by Jeremy Soule. The other is one of my personal favourite pieces of music, Aerith’s (Aeris’) Theme, from Final Fantasy VII, by the brilliant Nobuo Uematsu (have a listen below), whom has worked on several Final Fantasy titles. Staggeringly, the piece made its Hall of Fame debut at number 16. The entries were helped by social network lobby groups, the most influential being a Facebook/Twitter group “Get video games music into the Classic FM Hall of Fame”! I for one voted, and hope it starts a trend. Some of my favourite music originated from game scores and it would be wonderful for it to be recognised by a wider audience.


It turns out that Epic Games were making a Kinect version of Gears of War. Emphasis on ‘were’, as it’s been canned. Is that a collective cry of ‘meh’ I hear? Probably. They’ve decided to turn their attention to an as yet untitled PC exclusive. In speculative news, the Wii U, which is due for release at the end of the year, is rumoured to be set for a price of just under £300. But given the reports from some developers, it isn’t even as powerful as the current gen consoles, so I guess we’ll have to wait to see if it’s worth it.


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