DVD & Bluray Releases: July 2012

(Updated weekly) Released 2nd July:

American Warships

Released 2nd July  RRP: DVD- £7.99

Batman Begins

Released 2nd July  RRP: Triple Play (DVD, Bluray & Digital Copy, region free)- £15.99

The Dark Knight

Released 2nd July  RRP: Triple Play (DVD, Bluray & Digital Copy, region free)- £15.99

Batman Begins/ The Dark Knight Rises (Limited Edition Steelbook)

Released 2nd July  RRP: Bluray (triple play)- £17.99


Released 2nd July  RRP: Bluray (region free)- £11.99


Released 2nd July  RRP: DVD- £8.99

Dark Mirror

Released 2nd July  RRP: DVD- £9.99

Exit Humanity

Released 2nd July  RRP: DVD- £9.99

John Carter

Released 2nd July  RRP: DVD- £10.99  Bluray- £16.99  Bluray 3D- £17.99

The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan

Released 2nd July  RRP: DVD- £8.99


Tape 407

Released 2nd July  RRP: DVD- £11.99

This Means War

Released 2nd July  RRP: DVD- £9.99  Bluray- £14.99

The Tunnel

Released 2nd July  RRP: DVD- £7.99

Twilight Saga Quad Pack

Released 2nd July  RRP: DVD- £17.99   Bluray- £22.99

Zombie 108

Released 2nd July  RRP: DVD- £13.99


Released 9th July:

21 Jump Street

Released 9th July  RRP: DVD- £10.99  Bluray- £13.99


Released 9th July  RRP: DVD- £11.99

Avoid the Shortcut

Released 9th July  RRP: DVD- £9.99


Released 9th July  RRP: DVD-£13.99   Bluray (region free)- £16.99


Released 9th July  RRP: DVD- £9.99


Released 9th July  RRP: DVD- £14.99

Jurassic Shark

Released 9th July  RRP: DVD- £9.99

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Released 9th July  RRP: DVD- £11.99


Released 9th July   RRP: DVD- £9.99


Released 16th July:

25th Reich

Released 16th July  RRP: DVD- £11.99

Abraham Lincoln VS Zombies

Released 16th July  RRP: DVD-£9.99  Bluray- £11.99

Act of Valour

Released 16th July  RRP: DVD- £10.99  Bluray- £12.99

The Devil Inside

Released 16th August  RRP: DVD- £9.99  Blursy- £14.99

God of Vampires

Released 26th July  RRP: DVD- £6.99

The Harsh Light of Day

Released 16th July  RRP: DVD- £9.99

I Melt With You

Released 16th July RRP: DVD- £8.99

KFZ: Kentucky Fried Zombies

Released 16th July  RRP: DVD£9.99

The Legacy

Released 16th July  RRP: £9.99


Released 16th July  RRP: DVD- £11.99


Released 16th July  RRP: DVD- £6.99


Released 16th July  RRP: DVD- £13.99

Total Recall (Triple Play Bluray)

Released 16th July RRP: Bluray- £15.99

We Bought A Zoo

Released 16th July  RRP: DVD- £8.99  Bluray- £13.99


Released 23rd July:

100 Mornings

Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD- £7.99


Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD- £8.99

Bel Ami

Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD-£13.99  Bluray- £17.99

Dark Tide

Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD-   Bluray- £13.99

The Doomsday Prophecy

Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD- £4.99

The Fields

Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD- £9.99


Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD- £9.99

Highway to Hell 3D

Released 23rd July  RRP: Bluray (+ DVD)- £11.99

I Am Bruce Lee

Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD- £11.99  Bluray- £14.99

Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis

Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD- £12.99

Red Nights

Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD-£8.99

Vengeance Day

Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD- £9.99

Wild Bill

Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD- 13.99  Bluray- £17.99

Zombies: A Living History

Released 23rd July  RRP: DVD- £7.99


Released 30th July:


Released 30th July  RRP: Bluray (region free)- £12.99

Dark Mirror

Released 30th July  RRP: DVD- £7.99

The Dead Want Women

Released 30th September  RRP: DVD-£7.99

Eldorado 3D

Released 30th July  RRP: Bluray- £7.99

Nazis at the Centre of the Earth

Released 30th July  RRP: DVD- £11.99

Paranormal Incident

Released 30th July  RRP: DVD- £8.99


Released 30th July  RRP: DVD- £9.99

Warlords of Atlantis

Released 30th July  RRP: DVD- £9.99

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