May 242012

Only on April Fools Day, Matt posted some news that The Exorcist was being remade.  Of course it was all a joke, to fool those who were dismayed at the trend of remaking all old classics.  Well Matt may thought it was a gag, but news today show that he was actually saying the truth, even though he did not for one minute think he was.

The all time classic horror is coming back into a new form but in a stunning development, not at the big screen, but a 10 part TV show The Exorcist with Sean Durkin yes he the director and writer of Martha Marcy May Marlene, behind the whole show.

What we are gathering is the show the series will  focus on the events leading up to a demonic possession and how it affects the victim’s loved ones.

No news yet if the original characters of Regan will appear but Father Damien Karras  is expected to survive the new version and turn up with of course a new actor.

Roy Lee the Producer of films like The Departed and The Ring is also behind the move but as of yet, no studio have bought the rights even though there are some already showing keen interest.

The Shining was the last Horror film which is known to be an all time classic to be adapted for the small screen.

More on this when it breaks….

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  1. Matt Wavish

    Matt says: Damn it!!! I thought my April Fools joke was funny, but this is truly awful! The director, however, is a wise choice, but still no excuse!

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