Jun 042012

(Updated Weekly) Released 6th August:


Released 6th August   RRP: DVD- £8.99

Class of Nuke em High (Dual Format DVD & Bluray)

Released 6th August  RRP: Bluray+DVD- £12.99

Combat Shock

Released 6th August   RRP: DVD- £8.99


Released 6th August  RRP: DVD- £10.99  Bluray- £13.99

Love Exposure

Released 6th August  RRP: Bluray- £13.99

The Reverend

Released 6th August  RRP: DVD- £8.99


Released 6th August  RRP: DVD- £7.99

Surf Nazi’s Must Die

Released 6th August   RRP: DVD- £9.99

The Tunnel

Released 6th August  RRP: DVD- £5.99



Released 13th August:

Bad Ass

Released 13th August  RRP: DVD- £8.99


Released 13th August  RRP: DVD- £11.99

Cyrus: Mind of a Killer

Released 13th August  RRP: DVD-£5.99

Death Riders

Released 13th August  RRP: DVD- £9.99  Bluray- £12.99

Elfie Hopkins

Released 13th August  RRP: DVD- £9.99  Bluray- £11.99



Released 13th August  RRP: DVD- £12.99   Bluray- £16.99

Jo Nesbo’s Headhunters

Released 13th August  RRP: DVD- £11.99  Bluray- £13.99


Released 13th August  RRP: DVD- £9.99  Bluray- £12.99

Nazi Zombie Death Tales

Released 13th August  RRP: DVD- £9.99


Released 20th August:

7 Below

Released 20th August  RRP: DVD- £12.99

The Darkest Hour

Released 20th August  RRP: DVD- £12.99

Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy

Released 20th August  RRP: DVD- £7.99  Bluray- £12.99



Released 20th August  RRP: DVD- £12.99  Bluray- £13.99

Ghost Stories From the BBC: Whistle and I’ll Come To You (1968 + 2010)

Released 20th August  RRP: DVD- £13.99


Released 20th August  RRP: Bluray- £7.99

Jersey Shore Shark Attack

Released 20th August  RRP: DVD- £5.99  Bluray- £7.99



Released 20th August:  RRP: DVD- £13.99  Bluray- £16.99

The Monk

Released 20th August   RRP: DVD- £10.99

Monster Brawl

Released 20th August  RRP: DVD- £9.99

Night of the Living Dead Re-Animation 3D

Released 20th August   RRP: Bluray- £9.99


Released 20th August  RRP: Bluray- £9.99


Released 27th August:


Released 27th August  RRP: DVD- £12.99  Bluray- £16.99 Bluray Steelbook Edition- £17.99

Day of the Dead (Dual Format Bluray)

Released 27th August  RRP: Bluray- £13.99


Released 27th August  RRP: DVD- £8.99


Released 27th August  RRP: DVD- £9.99

Rumble Fish (Masters of Cinema)

Released 27th August  RRP: Bluray- £12.99 Bluray  Steelbook Edition- £17.99

Starship Troopers: Invasion

Released 27th August  RRP: DVD- £9.99  Bluray- £13.99

Stash House

Released 27th August  RRP: DVD- £10.99  Bluray- £13.99

Truth or Dare

Released 27th August  RRP: DVD- £9.99  Bluray- £10.99

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

Released 20th August  RRP: DVD- £10.99   Bluray- £13.99

Wrong Turn 1-4: Carnage Collection

Released 27th August  RRP: DVD- £14.99

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