Project Possum needs you!

 Posted by on June 13, 2012  News, Videogames
Jun 132012

Those of you with an Xbox and a Live account, will no doubt have been at least aware of the likes of Inside Xbox, SentUAMessage and The NeXuS (until Microsoft obscured them from view with the awful dashboard update late last year). And I’m sure a lot of you are also aware that Microsoft, unfathomably, took their big shiny axe and gave the Inside Xbox team the chop, resulting in understandable outrage throughout the gaming community. The Inside Xbox team, fronted by Andy Farrant and Daniel Maher, were responsible for providing some of the best quality gaming programming since Patrick Moore’s disembodied head used to give us a weekly fix of gaming awesomeness way back when on Channel 4.

After massive community support, Dan and some of the other IX team decided that despite no longer having a platform, this wasn’t going to deter them from wanting to make the gaming programmes we deserve. And so Explosive Alan productions was born. And out of that came Project Possum, the current title to help these guys get the show off the ground and cut together a pilot. This is where you come in. Like anything else of this scale, it needs backers, and in similar fashion to the likes of games being funded through Kick-Starter, is calling out to the community to help with it.

Please, if you valued the previous programming from the IX team, or, like a lot of us are in desperate need of some quality gaming programming, spare a gold piece or two, and go to




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