First teaser trailer arrives for bizarre yet stunning looking horror/drama/comedy from the Philippines ‘Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles’

Director Erik Matti as now directed some 13 films in his native Philippines, and his new film, Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles, is set to be his biggest film yet. I have not seen any of the directors previous films, but I must say after watching the below trailer for his new film, he is certainly a director I am keen to know more about.

Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles has been shot entirely on green screen, and if you watch the trailer I am sure you’ll agree that the film looks mighty impressive. It is always nice to see something new and exciting in the world of horror, and what we get here is monsters living in harmony with humans. However, some of those monsters enjoying eating new born babies, and one particular chap who’s fiance is pregnant, has managed to upset the monsters who will no doubt hunt him and eventually his new born baby.

The film uses a traditional folklore of the Aswang, a creature likened to a vampire, and adds it to this film which blends a bit of horror, action, comedy and drama. So, a bit of everything then! Check out the trailer below, it may not give away much, but I am positive it will have you intrigued to see more.

Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles is due for released in the Philippines in October.

Erik Matti writes and directs and Ronald Stephen Monteverde helps out with the writing. The film stars Dingdong Dantes, Lovi Poe, Joey Marquez and Janice De Belen.

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  1. and not only that, Dir. Erik Matti is a very cool movie director.. he works so relax and yet he inspires every bit of you as an actor! i am proud to be part of this movie, as Kulas, one of the main cast of the Aswang (Vampires). a very 1st of its kind in Philippine cinema! LONG LIVE PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENT CINEMA and LONG LIVE Direk Erik Matti! CONGRATS! 😛 😛 😛

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