Aug 232012

Remember Eli Roth’s gloriously twisted fake trailer for Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’ Grindhouse project? Fear not, we have the trailer right here to jog your memory, and what a depraved trailer it is. Now, if you recall, both Machete and Hobo With A Shotgun began life as a fake trailer to join together Tarantino’s Death Proof and Rodiriguez’ Plaet Terror, and went on to become successful cult films. Now it would appear that Roth’s Thanksgiving will finally do the same!

In a recent interview with Behind the Thrills, Roth had this to say on the Grindhouse trailer:

“Dude, it’s gonna happen. I’m working with the CLOWN writers on it. We have a call scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Jeff Rundell, my co-writer and I have a very extensive treatment. We finally cracked the story and how to make it really really scary, and the reason to do it, and I’m really excited about it. So the CLOWN script was one of the best scripts I’ve ever read, and we’re like ‘before Jon [Watts] shoots CLOWN, he has a window.’ Chris Ford, who’s movie ROBOT & FRANK just opened… Chris and John are going to write the screenplay with me and my partner Jeff, so we’ll have a screenplay soon.”

While it is not confirmed that Roth will direct, they expect to have a screenplay shortly, so we will keep you updated. For now though, enjoy that terrific trailer again!

(Source: Behind the Thrills)

By Matt Wavish

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