‘Prometheus’ sequel “actively pushing ahead” with plans for a possible 2014 or 2015 release!

Now that the dust has settled, everyone has had their say and Fox have had the chance to think about just how successful Prometheus really was, plans are now moving forward on the sequel. Before I get to that, in case you weren’t aware, Prometheus arrives on DVD & Bluray here in the UK on 1st October!

Anyway, with the film a bit of a risk for Fox, it turned out nicely not only thanks to the film itself, but a wonderful marketing campaign which made sure everyone on the planet knew the film was coming out. You just couldn’t escape the constant TV spots, trailers, featurettes, images and even a giant head arriving in a Paris subway station. Prometheus was everywhere, and became one of the most talked about films of the year, and even after release we are still getting the odd piece of promotion for the DVD & Bluray release and hints at more information to come in the Bluray Special Edition.

So, with the film making a comfortable $303 million worldwide, on a budget of $103 million, it is safe to say Prometheus did well, and Fox appear to be more than happy to move ahead with a sequel. We all expected a sequel to come, there were far too many moments in the film which hinted that Scott would want to explore his new world, but today’s news confirms the sequel is indeed moving forward.

The Hollywood Reporter has said that Fox is now committed to developing a sequel with Ridley Scott and that they are “actively pushing ahead” with the idea. Noomi Rapace is already signed on to return, as this was part of her contract from the first film, and also Michael Fassbender has signed over his head, although I wonder how his contract read for the first film “we will be keeping your head for a sequel, we don’t need the rest of you!” Anyway, with these two returning, and considering how the first film finished, I guess it would mean Rapace’s Dr Shaw and Fassbender’s Decapitate Dave would be heading off in search of the Engineers and their home planet.

Writer of Prometheus Damon Lindelof is not hoping to return as he his committed to a thousand other projects right now, and it is unclear whether Jon Spaihts will be back. It is rumoured that Fox might be looking for new writers for the sequel. Fox’s president of production, Emma Watts, stated that while everyone involved wants to do the project, waiting for the right time is a priority. “Ridley is incredibly excited about the movie, but we have to get it right. We can’t rush it,” she said.

While nothing has been officially announced, sources are talking about a release as soon as 2014, or more than likely 2015. We will keep you posted.

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