Aug 162012










Yes, you read that right.  The Twilight star is to play the role made famous by Peter O’ Toole in the classic 1962 film Lawrence Of Arabia, which with its stunning photography, superb acting, awe-inspiring spectacle and intelligent script deserves its reputation as one of the greatest of all screen epics.  My initial idea was that anyon remaking it is asking for trouble, but it seems that Queen Of The Desert is not a remake of the David Lean film and actually centres on Gertrude Bell [to be played by Naomi Watts], an English writer famous for her travels who spent some time with T.E. Lawrence.  It’s directed by the always interesting Werner Herzog, so it could actually be rather good.

As for Pattinson, just off David Cronenberg’s latest Cosmopolis, I’m not still not convinced he can act, but he does seem to be choosing off-beat projects rather than going down the easy route, so we’ll see…….



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