Aug 042012

It is my understanding that most hot blooded men can’t get enough of Kate Beckinsale in her tight leather outfits in the Underworld franchise, women too! So, today’s news comes as a right downer on what has been a pretty productive week for news.

Kate Beckinsale recently spoke with Collider and dropped this upsetting bombshell: “I think it’s probably unlikely that I’ll do one, but they may do one without me,”

Damn, damn, damn! A real shame I must say, and the franchise will not be the same without her in it. Whether a new film will actually be made remains to be seen, but without the added bonus of Beckinsale, do we really want to see another one? I know that the third film did not have her in, but is was not as successful as the one’s she did star in.

Personally, I am upset, that is all!

By Matt Wavish

Matt Wavish

Matt WavishA keen enthusiast and collector of all horror and extreme films. I can be picky as i like quality in my horror. This doesn't necessarily mean it has to be a classic, but as long as it has something to impress me then i'm a fan. I watch films by the rule that if it doesn't bring out some kind of emotive response then it aint worth watching.

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