THE HARSH LIGHT OF DAY To See October Release Thanks to Monster Pictures

MONSTER PICTURES present THE HARSH LIGHT OF DAY, the feature debut from Oliver S. Milburn will be released on DVD on 1 October 2012

Some films capture memories we like to remember, others record moments we are dying to forget!

A genre-splicing journey into the darkest depths of the soul. The Harsh Light of Day is a new British vampire-themed horror, with a story of revenge and loss at its heart. Shot on a micro-budget on location in Dorset, England it is the feature debut from writer/director Oliver S Milburn.

Daniel Shergold (Dan Richardson), a writer on the occult, is a happily married man until the day his wife is murdered, and he is left paralysed in a brutal, seemingly random attack, by a group of masked intruders. When the police are unable to find the perpetrators, Daniel is left in a pit of bitterness and anger. Desperately seeking vengeance, Daniel is brought to the attention of a mysterious stranger who changes everything. He offers Daniel something he hadn’t dared hope for, something that shouldn’t even be possible. He will help him walk, help him search, help him find vengeance – and it soon becomes clear that his wife’s murder wasn’t entirely without purpose. All this, but at one hell of a price…

Following a limited theatrical release earlier this year, The Harsh Light of Day will be released on DVD by Monster Pictures UK on 1 October 2012.

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