The Influence of The Dark Knight

It’s easy to forget now, but when Christopher Nolan took over directing duties for the Batman series, it seemed as dead as it is possible for a successful movie franchise to be. After all, the previous two films made – 1995’s Batman Forever and Batman and Robin in 1997 had reduced the character to little more than a feeble joke – seemingly making any revival an impossible task. The rebuilding process began with Batman Begins in 2005, which focused on restoring gravitas and depth to the character, but it was the phenomenal success of the next Nolan film – the Dark Knight in 2009 – which really turned the franchise around.

However, beyond restoring lustre to the story and character of Batman, the Dark Knight became one of those films to impact on the culture at large. Clearly the sombre tone of the film has had an effect on the perception of comic books, and led to the financing of similarly serious comic book films such as Watchmen, which might have struggled to gain funding and an audience prior to Nolan’s film. Outside of this however, the film has also reached parts of the general public with little interest in comic book movies – leading to spin-off creations in areas like online gaming.
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