Teaser trailer and brand new poster revealed for Jason Horton’s blood soaked zombie horror ‘Eat’

Monsters in the Woods (review) director Jason Horton gave us an update on his latest horror Eat today, and we are very happy to share it with you right now! The blood soaked zombie flick has just revealed its first teaser trailer, and you can view it at the bottom of this post. It is very impressive, with some rather sinister scripting and sounds, mixed with some blink and you’ll miss it black comedy and tons and tons of gore, the perfect trailer for a zombie flick!

Not only that, but we also have a look at the brand new poster for the film, and this too is pretty gruesome with a nasty picture of a victims neck having been munched on by a hungry zombie. Nice!!

We have been provided with a couple more updates on the film, both of which I would recommend you checking out if you are a fan of zombie films, horror or independent film-makers in general. Firstly is Jason Horton’s Daily Blog, which will see the director update his fans on what is going on with his new film Eat, the general day to day and even hour by hour life as a director, and his thoughts as he goes through his day. Check it out, it makes for some very interesting reading into the life of a director with a huge passion for making movies.

He has also shared with us a link to a Kickstarter Campaign for the film. This is where fans can donate to the film in order to help Horton and his crew increase the scope of the film. Please check out the link, and while you are in no way obliged to donate, there is a lot of information on there about the new film which also makes for some very interesting reading. Any donations, however, would be very much appreciated by Horton and his crew of dedicated film-makers. Also, there are some ultra cool gifts depending on how much you wish to donate!

As for his new film Eat, Horton describes it as a Grindhouse movie, with a down and dirty seventies feel, perfect! Horton also likens his film to a cross between Mad Max and George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead, so come on, how could this be anything less than magnificent. The director has shown with his previous work that he has a superb eye for detail and has a strong sense of bringing fun to his horror, so expect much of the same with Eat. If he can pull off even half the class of Monsters in the Woods, then considering the content of Eat, this will be truly awesome.


Eat is the story of one family’s desperate struggle for survival in a world overrun by the undead. During the initial zombie onslaught a struggling father packs up what’s left of his family and hits the road. They happen upon what seems like a abandoned yet secure junkyard. They stop for supplies and to repair their lifeline a 1968 Barracuda. But they soon discover they’re not alone. Now the must fend off an oncoming zombie hoard while battling a new threat from within.

To keep up to date with the film you can ‘like’ the Facebook page and also follow on Twitter.

By Matt Wavish



Below is the original poster which has a rather cool Grindhouse vibe going on!



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