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Though I’m not the biggest fan of TV sci-fi, largely because I watch so many movies that I don’t have time to get into all these programmes, I certainly devoured it as a kid, and one of my favourite ones was Battlestar Galactica. Produced by Glen A. Larson, it was clearly inspired by a certain George Lucas space opera. The Lorne Greene/ Richard Hatch starrer, which ran during 1978 and 1979, was about humans engaged in a lengthy war against a cybernetic race known as the Cylons while searching for Earth. In 2004, Ronald D Moore produced a reboot series starring Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. It proved extremely popular and is considered by many to improve on the original series.

In 2009, director Bryan Singer was rumoured to be helming a Battlestar Galactica movie. Now, Universal is ramping up a film version, aiming to develop the film as a reimagining of the story, though apparently it will still revolving around the familiar storyline of humans battling against the Cylons. Glen A. Larson, who created the original 1978 series of the show, is set to produce the film, while Transcendence writer Jack Paglen is set to pen the script. Paglen has also committed to Ridley Scott’s sequel to Prometheus for Fox that will start production this autumn. I was kind of hoping that they wouldn’t bother with a follow-up to that lousy film, but at least it seems like the writers who ‘scripted’ it are not returning, which is good news.

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