The Wrap tells us that Tom Hiddleston [Marvel’s ‘Loki’] will star and that Jordan Vogt-Roberts [Kings Of Summer] will direct the new Kong film Skull Island which was announced not that long ago. It was prompted, I think, by the commercial success of Godzilla, which, while still very flawed, turned out far better than I expected, and is getting at least one sequel. Max Borenstein is currently hard at work penning the script, which is a prequel to Peter Jackson’s 2005 movie.

The giant and usually love-sick giant ape has been around for a very long time. He first appeared in probably the greatest giant monster film ever made, King Kong, in 1933, brought to life with stop-motion. It led to a rushed sequel Son Of Kong the same year. Kong then turned up, this time as a man in a [very unconvincing] suit in two silly but hugely entertaining Japanese monster movies King Kong Vs Godzilla and King Kong Escapes in the 1960’s, then 1976 saw a campy, updated remake of the 1933 film which was much-maligned but still has its merits. There was much ballyhoo about Kong being played by a robot, but actually another man in a suit did most of the honours, the robot only appearing in one scene. 1986 saw a shoddy sequel King Kong Lives, though you could say it’s one of those movies that’s so bad it’s actually good. The 2005 version, which featured Andy Serkis in a CG performance capture turn, was both a remake of, and a tribute to, the 1933 film. I loved Jackson’s overlong film, even in its extended version, though it wasn’t the box office smash expected.

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