Steven C. Miller will direct Kellan Lutz in ‘The Feud’

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Any new project from Steven C. Miller gets me excited. The director has already won me over with films like Under the Bed, The Aggression Scale, Silent Night and Automaton Transfusion, and his Granny short was pretty insane too.

Now he’s back with a violent new thriller called The Feud, and Kellan Lutz will take the starring role.

Per Variety:

Summerstorm Entertainment and Vandal Entertainment have tapped “Twilight” star Kellan Lutz as the lead in the thriller “The Feud” from “Extraction” director Steven C. Miller. Shooting is set to begin this summer.

Vandal Entertainment Founder Navid McIlhargey is producing alongside Film House Germany and Summerstorm Entertainment CEO Gabriela Bacher. Highland Film Group will introduce the film to foreign buyers at Cannes.

David Matalon and Matthew Altman wrote the script, which follows a mysterious young man who returns to his rural home town in the Midwest for his brother’s funeral — and goes head-to-head with the local crime lord, who traps him and his friends in an abandoned farming complex.

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