I still vividly remember when the Yorkshire Ripper, who killed thirteen women and tried to kill seven others.was in the news, and now it seems that there’s going to be a film about him….well, sort of. The Guardian informs us that a new movie is gearing into production telling the story of John Humble called I’m Jack. No, he wasn’t the Ripper, but a labourer who sent letters and tapes to the West Yorkshire police, often taunting assistant chief constable George Oldfield about his failure to bring the him to justice. Because this guy had a Sunderland accent, the police ended up ruling out the real killer, Peter Sutcliffe, because he had a Yorkshire accent, even though he was questioning nine time. Humble’s cruel hoax actually helped Sutcliffe to continue his killing spree for another three years and murder another three women, before eventually being caught. Humble himself was only caught when the original files were being reviewed in 2005. He was sentenced to eight years imprisonment but was released in 2009 after serving half his sentence. It’s not known exactly why Humble did what he did, but he apparently hated the police due to an unspecified incident earlier in his life. Meanwhile Oldfield apparently remained convinced that the tapes and letters bore some connection with the killer up till his death in 1985.

I’m Jack will be based on Mark Blacklock’s recent true life novel of the same name, and will star Welsh actor Celyn Jones, who recently made a mark as Dylan Thomas in the same company’s 2014 biopic Set Fire to the Stars, will play Humble. He will also co-write the screenplay with Blacklock.

Sounds like a good meaty story and certainly a film I will watch.



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