Uwe Boll’s crowdfunding for ‘Rampage 3’ doesn’t work, releases video saying “go f**k yourselves”


Ah Uwe Boll, everyone hates your movies so much that they can’t stop talking about them. Personally, I don’t hate his movies, I just don’t think they are any good, apart from the odd few (Postal, Rampage).

The German director is now furious that a crowdfunding campaign for Rampage 3 didn’t work, and he didn’t raise enough money to fund the film (which is actually one his new films fans are excited about).

Boll hasn’t taken it well, and released the below video ranting about his anger at crowdfunding sites:

“Basically, my message is ‘fuck yourself,'” he told the “retarded amateur idiots” who run sites like Kickstarter. “For me, crowdfunding is absolutely dead.”

He continues: “I’ll find another Chinese Alibaba idiot,” he promised, “who wants to see his fucking yacht in Cannes to fuck supermodels.”

Finally, Boll lets us all know that he doesn’t really need the money anyway: “I have enough money to play golf until I’m dead.”

You have to admire this guys passion, and it commendable that he continues to make films, good, bad or just awful.

There’s 4 days left on the Rampage 3 crowdfunding campaign, and Boll hoped to raise $55 thousand, but has only managed $25 thousand. So, the below video could be one last desperate attempt to get some funding? Either way, its worth a look.


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