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It Follows is out to own on DVD, Blu-ray and on demand from Monday, and courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment, we have a Blu-ray and limited edition T-shirt to give away!

A genuinely scary thrill ride that will stay with you for days afterwards, featuring a stunning break-out performance from Maika Monroe, It Follows is a benchmark horror classic for a new generation of fright fans.

On Thursday 2nd July, there will be an It Follows Tweet-a-long so keep an eye on the @ItFollowsUK feed for more information.

For your chance to win IT FOLLOWS Blu-Ray and tee, simply comment below telling us which is the scariest film you’ve watched this year so far?

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 12th July 2015 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• The promoter of this competition is Fetch Dynamic Ltd
• The prize will be delivered to the winner within 28 days of confirmation of delivery address
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 1 winner will win 1x It Follows blu-ray and 1x limited edition t-shirt
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.


BatI love prosthetic effects, stop-motion animation and gore, but most of all I love a good story! I adore B-movies and exploitation films in many of their guises and also have a soft spot for creature features. I review a wide range of media including movies, TV series, books and videogames. I'm a massive fan of author Hunter S. Thompson and I enjoy various genre of videogames with Kingdom Hearts and Harvest Moon two of my all time favs. Currently playing: Silent Hill

  140 Responses to “Win IT FOLLOWS Blu-Ray and Limited Edition T-Shirt In Our Competition”

  1. Insidious: chapter 3????????????.

  2. Cooties

  3. Has to be Insidious 3

  4. Insidious 3 – been a poor year so far for scary movies so far

  5. Insidious 3!

  6. Oculus

  7. Insidious 3. Not much to choose from.

  8. 50 shades – so terrible it scared me to death!

  9. human centipede 3

  10. Starry eyes.
    So brutal!

  11. Rigor Mortis

  12. Nothing so far., unfortunately.

  13. It Follows! Saw it at the cinema and it freaked me out, but in a good way 😀

  14. Insidious 3

  15. Black Water

  16. I watched Jaws on Blu-ray and I still think it’s pretty scary.

  17. Starry eyes.

  18. Insidious 3

  19. The Babadook

  20. Insidious: Chapter 3

  21. The Lazarus Effect

  22. Nothing new… I did re-watch Tommy Knockers which always scared me to death as a kid. The chant was still creepy!

  23. Insidious 3

  24. Not watched any scary films in the cinema this year as we are cutting back but did watch the original ‘Carrie’ recently and its still pretty good

  25. incidious, Im freaked out still aftwer two months

  26. Nothing yet so far 🙂

  27. Insidious 3.I’m watching it again as I type!

  28. Insidious 3

  29. Annabelle, saw it for the first time last week and scared me ha!

  30. 50 shades

  31. the scariest film you’ve watched this year so far. . . . . l could lie and say ‘my induction video’ but so far l have yet to be scared

  32. Insidious 3

  33. Insidious 3!

  34. Sinister 2

  35. Insidious 3

  36. Insidious 3

  37. Poltergeist.

  38. foxcatcher

  39. It Follows

  40. Watched care bears the movie with my son the other day I think I’m scarred for life!

  41. Insidious 3 – poor year so far though tbh

  42. Lazarus effect. Creep olivia wilde! Cool

  43. Oculus.

  44. an old film from years ago that I`ve watched again – I Spit On Your Grave

  45. The Hills Have Eyes

  46. Def Cooties

  47. Insidious .. only because there haven’t been that many ‘that scary’ movies rcently.
    My Uncle Mike has been passing on his Stephen King books to me (he’s having a clear out .. some are pretty dog-earred), so, I have been reading more than watching.
    Right now, I’m reading dream catcher, and Uncle Mike is right, it is much better than the movie xx

  48. Insidious 3…you know what I’ve had that out of body floating experience – it’s kinda freaky 😉

  49. I’d wager that the scariest film I’ve seen so far this year is Foxcatcher. I’ve yet to see another film in theaters this year that’s left me with such an uneasy sense of foreboding that lingered with me long after I’d seen it.

  50. Vealy.

  51. Oculus what a great film loved it and it really spooked me

  52. Nothing so far – fairly poor year. Love to win this, it sounds promising

  53. The Nightmare (2015). Scariest documentary ever!

  54. I’m still waiting for something scary.

  55. The Babadook

  56. I’m waiting too.

  57. Probably the babadook. I loved how Jennifer Kent used the physical representation of the babadook to show the darkness and despair felt by sufferers of depression. Thought the acting was amazing also :mrgreen:

  58. Torn between It Follows and The Babadook. Best horror films in ages 🙂

  59. The Babadook was quite scary in a funny way.

  60. Insidious 3 – hasn’t been much else new out horror wise!

  61. Predestination is the scariest film I have seen this year. This is what a public school boy would do if he were given a time machine, I was thoroughly traumatized, and will not be watching it again.

  62. Oculus was the best (scariest) I’ve seen this year but I rewatched Alien yesterday which is still one of the scariest films ever!

  63. Babadook

  64. Insidious 3

  65. I watched INFERNO for the first time this year, and it freaked me out.

  66. Event Horizon

  67. watched some old home movies at a relatives.my 80’s perm was very scary indeed!

  68. watched some old home movies at a relatives.my 80’s perm was very scary indeed!

  69. Insidious 3

  70. Poltergeist (New Version)

  71. It Follow and I would love to watch it again !

  72. I haven’t seen anything scary yet this year 😥

  73. Mama. A bit late to the party and didn’t rate it, but it was scary at times for sure

  74. Crimson Peak

  75. The Omen. classic. always sends shivers

  76. Felt. It was a really surprising film which will be in my head for a long time..

  77. I haven’t seen anything yet this year that scared me, although Russell Brand whenever he speaks is a bit worrying.

  78. Not much scares me nowadays (Though recently The Babadook gave me the shivers in places). All time most terrifying film has to be The Shining which I watched when I was about 10 (I know – too young!), the whole atmosphere of the piece utterly freaked me out. It’s still one of my favourites 🙂 .

  79. Insidious 3!!!!
    (hides behind sofa with brown trousers)

  80. Babadook

  81. Insidious 3 spooked me lol

  82. Digging up the marrow

  83. I liked The Babadook

  84. Annabelle

  85. IT

  86. Insidious: Chapter 3

  87. Insidious 3

  88. Nothing yet has scared me.

  89. Insidious 3

  90. Annabelle

  91. None yet, it’s been a poor year for horror

  92. Insidious 3

  93. The Woman In Black 2 again like the original its not a highly rated age wise as horror but there were bits tht made me jump and i never jump too easy on horror films. Im a huge fan of the franchise and am hoping for a modern day version next. 😈

  94. Not seen a good, “scary” one, yet this year but have re-watched Annabelle and The Conjuring recently and they make the heart skip a beat a llittle. 😉

  95. The Woman In Black 2

  96. The new Poltergeist

  97. Jaws

  98. Annabelle .. creepy looking doll scares the hell outta me! ????????

  99. the babadook but also it was awesome

  100. I’m not easily scared, but one of the best has been The Babadook

  101. Insidious 3!

  102. i found the conjuring well scary then i am a bit of a wimp.

  103. The Woman in Black

  104. spongebob the movie -what the f*#k was that about?!!!

  105. Insidious 3.

  106. Discovered ” Night of the Hunter “

  107. Insidious 3 but even that wasnt very scary. Hope the rest of the year improves for horror.

  108. Insidious 3 but tb h there’s nothing really scary this year

  109. Insidious 3 but it wasn’t that scary.

  110. It Follows

  111. It Follows

  112. Oculus

  113. Insidious: Chapter 3

  114. Insidious 3

  115. Haven’t been to the cinema at all this year, but did watch The Victim the other night and while it wasn’t scary-scary, it was an interesting psychological film.

    Other than that I was going to say Jaws or Rebecca – both all-time favourites.

  116. Really looking forward to seeing this 🙂

    • Sorry I ommitted my favourite scary movie of the year! Less of a movie and more of a youtube series, but Marble Hornets 🙂

  117. We watched Boarderlands the other day and that was pretty scary – The tunnels at the end gave me some awful dreams that night. Not one to watch if you are clustrophobic !

  118. Insidious 3

  119. Pompeii – Keither Sutherlands voice – argh!


  121. insidious 3

  122. Insidious 3

  123. I watched Mama and that was creepy ….. not scary though. Still waiting for the big scare of the year!

  124. Annabelle.

  125. Insidious 3

  126. Insidious 3

  127. Insidious 3

  128. San adreas the acting was very scary….. 🙄

  129. Black Water

  130. The Atticus Institute 😯

  131. Insidious 3

  132. black water

  133. Insidious 3

  134. Insidious 3

  135. Moorings On The Riviera – hideous and very scary

  136. ooh i’m too scared to look

  137. There are Monsters sent me sky high on a number of occasions 😐

  138. I’ve just watched Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn and the imagined battle was pretty scary, it had me pulling at my hair!

  139. I Give It A Year. Horrifically bad.

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