‘Wolfcop 2’ needs your help to bring some star power to the horror sequel


When the first trailer for cult classic WolfCop landed, fans went wild with anticipation, and when the film arrived at festivals, critics were raving about it. The film was released on DVD & Blu-ray here in the UK last September, and has built quite a reputation, with some extremely positive reviews. You can read ours here.

Promising more hair and more justice, WolfCop 2 was announced over a year ago, before the first film was even released officially, so naturally fans are delighted.

The film is fully financed and ready to shoot, but an IndieGogo campaign has been set up to help the makers find a little more money. The budget has been used up, but writer/director Lowell Dean wants to give fans something a bit more special with the sequel.

Per the IndieGogo campaign:

Our fans had a lot of suggestions when we were making the first film. Some of those suggestions were good… some were bat-shit crazy (which we love). The most passionate were casting ideas. Rarely a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask us:

“Who’s starring in WolfCop 2?

“Are there going to be any celebrity appearances? How about Robert Downey Jr? He loves doing indie films!”

“Do you have any big names lined-up for WolfCop 2 at all?”

Our answer? Hell yes! Does this answer your question?!

So basically the money raised will be to allow Lowell Dean and his crew find a big name actor to appear in the film, and the actor will be chosen by those who donate.

Per the campaign:

The fact is we’d LOVE to make an offer to one of those famous types, but we only have enough money to make the movie. We’re going to need a little extra $upport from YOU to tantalize one of your heroes into accepting a juicy roll in the sequel and as everyone already has some idea of who they want to see, the rest is up to you.

We want YOU to tell us! Who is your HERO? Who do you want to see tearing across the big screen with WolfCop? It could be an actor, musician, athlete, a celebrity personality, anyone! The sky’s the limit, so let your imaginations run wild. Depending on the feedback we get from fans, there could be more than one!

Every perk will earn you a HERO TICKET, which enables you to drop a name into the proverbial hat. You can even get hero tickets on their own! Once you’ve made your 3 dream choices, blast them out over Twitter using the official Twitter handle of your hero, @WOLFCOPTheMovie and #WolfCop2Hero

NOTE: At the end of the campaign we will compile a list of all casting suggestions and evaluate which are the viable choices for an offer.

You can find out all the details by heading over to the campaign.


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