Be afraid, there is a full length ‘Hellyfish’ movie on the horizon!


Short film sensation Hellyfish saw, naturally, giant jellyfish on the rampage. Now, with the forever loving popularity of creature features continuing to grow (Jurassic World just became the third biggest film of all time) the time is right for a full length Hellyfish movie, and its coming my friends!

The announcement was made this week, and the confirmation of a full length, live action version of the short film should have all fans of B-movies and monster movies very, very excited. If you are not, then check out the full Hellyfish short film after the official announcement.

The Press Release:

Pod Intermedia LLC, a virtual global transmedia company, and the creators of the short film Hellyfish have entered into a partnership agreement to develop and produce an original live action feature film based on the wildly popular property. The partnership was announced today by Pod Intermedia producers Courtney G. Jones and Matt Berlin (CEO and CSO, respectively) and Hellyfish creators Patrick Longstreth and Robert McLean.

This announcement marks another step in Pod Intermedia’s commitment to build a portfolio of franchisable properties with global appeal. The short film serves as a proof-of-concept for the feature film about giant jellyfish monsters that take over the world, and the coming visual effects extravaganza will stick closely to the original short film’s story– with a few more surprises. The film will capture the same fun spirit of films like Piranha, Tremors, and Big Ass Spider!

“I found out about the short film on the Maxon Cinema 4D website and had to reach out to these guys to see if the rights were available. That’s how impressed I was. Matt and I saw the potential of Hellyfish right from the first frame of the short, and Patrick and Robert were open to getting it made into a feature. We all speak the same language: high-concept on a budget. To us, this is a no-brainer,” said Jones, Pod Intermedia’s CEO.

“We were very excited to learn that Pod Intermedia shares our vision for Hellyfish the feature, and we’ve had a lot of fun developing the concept with them. This partnership is exactly what we need to capture our big fish story in all its absurd outrageous glory,” says Patrick Longstreth, Hellyfish co-creator. “Honestly we couldn’t be happier. Opportunities to create something like this are why we get into filmmaking. We had A LOT of fun making the short film and can’t wait to channel that same ridiculous energy into a feature-length epic.”

Hellyfish has already garnered several film festival awards and continues to amass critical acclaim.

There is no set start date, but according to the Pod team everyone is eager to roll cameras in late 2015.





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