LATEST TV: More ARROW Season 4 news: The use of Magic, those flashbacks and the return of Oliver….


Right loads here….so lets start.

Not only are we finally going to see The Green Arrow, what with that “new suit”, but we also going to see a change of tone regarding Season 4.  Gone is the dark vibe fans are familiar with, replaced with a lighter tone….more FLASH in style.

The producers have promised that the new season will be a brand new start with added focus on Diggle and Felicity and it seems the Green Arrow will be taking a back step with Oliver himself becoming more in focus.

“One of the things we lost in half of season two and season three was the public persona of Oliver Queen,” said star Stephen Amell. “It’s really important that I get out there, doing things.” People who enjoy seeing Oliver’s civilian world “are going to be really excited.”

“We’re going to have a lot of fun with that,” said Producer Wendy Mericle.

“Ever since Slade Wilson walked into the Queen mansion, Oliver has been up against it,” with the possible exception of the start of the season three opener. “That guy has been in dire straits. I think it was important to get through that, to get where we are now—but I also don’t think it would be interesting to go back there again, for the same reasons.” added Amell.

The producers and Amell are stating that Oliver can’t be “The Arrow” any more, so he is going to be a different sort of crime fighter.

What kind though we have to wait and see?

Also the theme of “Magic” will play a certain part in the plot with Malcom Merlyn playing a pivotal role.

“There’s a nice new element of magic and mysticism this year,” said Amell.  “When it appears on the scene, it is something he is familiar with from his time away.  I’ve read three episodes so far, and all of them seem bigger than our season finale last year. So we’re in for some long long days and nights,”.

The producers also confirmed they have a plan regarding the flashbacks which have been drawing criticism from fans who are getting tired with them in a LOST kind of way.  There is a promise that the flashbacks this season will shock fans and we won’t see any non-Oliver flashbacks until episode eight because they interrupted the Hong Kong storyline too early last year and it killed some of the momentum of that story.

Season 4 will see the theme of “family” play a huge part and that Oliver’s and Diggle’s relationship is still broken after the events of Season 3.”

Oliver and Felicity will still be together but Oliver’s quest for good over bad is still there, even though he is more at peace after everything that has happened.

Neil McDonough who has been cast as the bad guy Damien Darhk will be introduced from the off and will be Arrow’s biggest foe, while like they did with Barry Allen, the show will introduce the characters from the next spin off Legends of Tomorrow.


I don’t quite like the idea of ARROW becoming more lighter.  I loved the fact we had two different worlds with the dark edge of Oliver and the light touch of Barry’s Flash!

I can understand why they are going down this route because of the success and critical acclaim of The Flash, but lets not forget that the adult Daredevil show has gained a massive following and I worry after a hit and miss season 3 of Oliver Queen, making the tone lighter in touch, may lose some fans who are already questioning the show after the poor reasons of Oliver surviving that cliff top showdown to the death.

We await and see if this works all out in Starling City at the end of the year.

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