It wasn’t long ago that we reported that Dwayne Johnson, now a bona fide solo action star after the huge box office takings of the extremely silly but extremely entertaining disaster movie San Andreas, was to star in an adaptation of cult 1980s arcade game Rampage. Now it seems like the film will probably reunite Johnson with his San Andreas director Brad Peyton, which certainly makes sense commercially. It will actually be the third film on which the two have worked together, the first being the family adventure sequel Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The producer of San Andreas Beau Flynn will also be on board, and the script is being written by Non-Stop’s Ryan Eagle. Nothing concrete about the plot has been officially released yet, but here’s the IMDB synopsis of the game:

The characters you play were once ordinary people until they were mutated into the game’s monsters: George, the giant ape; Lizzie, the giant lizard; and Ralph, the giant wolf. George was mutated after swallowing mega-vitamins, Lizzie was mutated after bathing in a radioactive lake, and Ralph was mutated after eating sausage scam. The mutants’ goal is to destroy every city which they come upon. The game has 768 days of destruction and some of them are alike. The players move from city to city destroying skyscrapers and various vehicles and eating people that get in the way. Health is awarded at startup and during the game by putting quarters in. Health is decreased by being shot by National Guardsmen, being hit by another monster, falling, being hit by cops or tanks, going underwater, being struck by lightning, or by eating something bad, like dynamite. Health is replenished by eating food found in the buildings. Once all buildings in a city have been destroyed, the monsters move onto ….

The intention is to film this one once Johnson has worked on Fast & Furious 8, with a Rampage release pencilled in for 2017. The busy star is currently shooting comedy Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart, and is starring in the freshman HBO series Ballers, while Peyton, though not officially linked to any other project, is apparently at work on a third Journey film and possibly on an untitled film starring the DC Comics character Lobo.

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