Remake of Stephen King’s ‘Cujo’ titled ‘C.U.J.O.’, and here’s why


A little over two years ago a remake of Stephen Kings Cujo was announced, and the press release said the film would  be going into production in 2013, to mark the original films thirtieth anniversary.

That didn’t happen, but the film is still going ahead, and the latest details are that the screenplay is written, and production is set to begin shortly. Sunn Classic Pictures’  Lang Elliot is directing and producing the remake, which will star DJ Perry.

It has now been discovered that the film will be called C.O.J.O: Canine Unit Joint Operations, which suggests some sort of military shenanigans. Personally, I don’t like that title at all.

The l983 version was highly successful at the worldwide box-office and, compared with today’s inflation and higher ticket prices, the box-office would be well over $225 million even without ancillary sales (i.e., DVD, cable, free television, pay-per-view, etc.).

“CUJO” is the story of a large, playful St. Bernard dog that is transformed into a hideous killing machine after being infected by rabies. Donna Trenton’s car is on the fritz, and she and her son take her ailing automobile to their mechanic. Upon their arrival, the car stalls and refuses to restart. The mechanic fails to appear so Donna searches for him. The transformed, maniacal “CUJO” reveals himself; he is highly agitated and very aggressive. Donna hardly recognizes this filthy, monstrous creature foaming at the mouth. Suddenly “CUJO” charges Donna, who barely makes it back into the car for protection. Trapped with her son and the windows rolled up, the sweltering heat begins to take its toll. “CUJO’s” powerful state of insanity and violence await.

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