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To celebrate the release of SHARK KILLER, on DVD from 20th July 2015 in the UK, we’ve two copies to give away to our readers!

They’ve always been present, they’ve always been deadly, and this summer they’re back in the water.  When one of nature’s deadliest creatures threaten your town’s tourist-beach-boom-summer, you need one man with a very big knife.  You need Chase Walker.

When he’s not got his hands full as a lady killer, Chase Walker is a Shark Killer.  Calm under stress, but a little stressed under water, he knows his sharks – which is why he’s been called upon to track down a particular shark with a bellyful of one rare, intoxicating diamond; and why he has his brother’s lawyer in a wetsuit keeping a close eye on him.

With an eye for the ladies and a harpoon gun for the sharks, when the blood starts bubbling and the sea starts churning, you need a Shark Killer.

For your chance to win SHARK KILLER on DVD, simply comment below telling us your favourite shark movie and why.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Monday 27th July 2015 and two valid comments will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 2 winners will each win 1x Shark Killer on DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.


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  100 Responses to “Win SHARK KILLER on DVD In Our Competition!”

  1. jaws the orginal

  2. jaws the original

  3. Gotta be Jaws, a classic. Still scares the doodoo outta me now. Great cinematography too, Spielberg is a genius

  4. Jaws

  5. i know its not a popular choice but i really enjoyed deep blue sea. 🙂

  6. The original Jaws movie. Effects wise it’s primitive by today’s standards but it’s a timeless classic, with the music perfectly complementing the tension.

  7. Jaws – is there another film to rival it. I’mstill looking for a bigger boat.

  8. there is only one genuine answer to that and its Jaws because of the tension and the power of the shark in it is enermous

  9. Jaws – as it was a seminal movie

  10. Jaws! Any other shark movies are lame compared to this (^^^)

  11. Sharknado…. It’s just so cheesy haha.

  12. Gotta be Sharknado 😀

  13. Got to love jaws but I’m going to be controversial and go for the reef

  14. Jaws The Original The Best put me off going in the sea put it that way!

  15. Jaws – the original film – made me and a lot of people scared of sharks and the sea

  16. Jaws, mainly for the film score

  17. the original Jaws as there are still so many (what seemed to be then)scary bits in it I still remember and it was great yet scary viewing at the time

  18. Jaws – because we’re gonna need a bigger boat!

  19. Can it be anything else than 2 Headed Shark Attack? The pacing is near perfect and the script by Edward DeRuiter (story), H. Perry Horton (screenplay) is sharp and lean, with surprising depth and maturity. The lead, well respected character actress, Carmen Electra, proves her worth again as she shows the depth and range of her truly astonishing acting. Obviously you’ll all have seen this classic and doubtless will be voting for it as well…………………. 😯 AAAAARGGGHHHHH! I can’t keep it up any longer, I nearly had to burn my eyes out watching this trash.

    Is there any other winner here than the original three men in a boat? Jaws, no question, no discussion, except no substitutes.

  20. has to be JAWS

  21. Jaws, it’s a classic

  22. Has to be “Jaws”. When Richard Dreyfuss was getting the shark tooth from the hole in the small boat I nearly pooped my pants when the head fell out of the hole. Arrrgh!

  23. Sharknado, it’s so bad it’s become a cult.

  24. got to be sharknado – so bad it’s good

  25. Deep Blue Sea for the scene where Samuel L Jackson gets scoffed during his monologue

  26. Jaws. Saw it as a kid and it stuck in my head.

  27. Has to be Jaws it started the cult

  28. jaws the original

  29. Jaws, it is the perfect shark film.

  30. has to be jaws x its a classic x

  31. Sorry to be predictable but the original Jaws is the one.

  32. Deep blue sea, That was a great film.

  33. Jaws – Classic script & great actors

  34. Jaws:) Loads of blood.

  35. It can’t be anything other than JAWS. Total classic.

  36. Jaws, I got really interested in sharks after seeing the film, and did a talk for class on the subject; it did give them a bad press though.

  37. Deep Blue Sea – simply because of killing Samuel L Jackson in the first half of the movie with one bite.

  38. Deep Blue Sea – it tells us about the dangers of genetic engineering as well and has some pretty cool scenes

  39. It would be a lie and a betrayal not to say the original ‘JAWS’ movie, but I loved Sharknado…although I admit I was totally drunk and watching it with similarly innebriated friends 😉

  40. It’s got to be Jaws, the original and best!

  41. Jaws of course

  42. Jaws – The original & the best!

  43. Jaws the first one, still gets me today, nothing will ever better it

  44. The first Jaws. I’ve been scared of the sea ever since.

  45. Jaws. I went with my Mum and Dad and a friend and his parents to see it just after Christmas 1975. Aside from the amazing filming and fabulous music my most memorable part of the film is when the head falls out of the hole in the boat and the music gives a huge crash, my Dad jumped so high and came down with such a wallop that the whole row of seats was forced backwards and everyone else burst out laughing.
    One of my most endearing memories of my Dad who died four years ago.

  46. Sharknado because it’s just so stupid lol

  47. Jaws. Just love the music that is played when th shark is about to attack, riveting.

  48. Finding Nemo – The sharks are nice in this film!

  49. Deep Blue Sea – THAT scene with Samuel L Jackson,totally unexpected!

  50. Has to be Jaws. Still a gripping film to watch again and again. Great score.

  51. what else but the first Jaws movie, it was so original and made you jump and who can forget that music??? da dum, da dum da dum dum dum dum DUM

  52. Jaws! Old good shark film.

  53. Jaws

  54. jaws! its a classic

  55. Jaws is the one and only!!!

  56. Shark Tale – my kids loved it when they were young. Although Jaws is probably the best.

  57. Jaws. Even though the shark isnt the most realistic it is a brilliant gripping movie. John Williams soundtacks great too

  58. jaws – who doesnt love this film?

  59. Jaws — I particularly like the scar comparing scene on the boat.

  60. I love Sharknado! I know it’s cheesy but I think it’s great, and now there are 2 sequels…the 3rd I was fortunate to see being filmed in Florida earlier this year 🙂 x

  61. The first Jaws film which was really scary at the time although it might look quite funny now.

  62. jaws number 1

  63. Jaws the severed head under the water scene.

  64. Jaws

  65. Jaws, classic

  66. Got to be Jaws – the story, the great cast, that music – need I say more?

  67. Jaws

  68. Jaws, the original and the best. Utterly compelling.

  69. Jaws

  70. Has to be the original Jaws which is well acted,great movie theme music and of course the huge Great White shark

  71. Jaws because it is the original, really!
    But, I was watching Wayne West in an early Batman episode, and it was hilarious .. Batman is hanging out of the helicopter with a shark (obviously, very very, plastic, of course) hanging off his leg. He grimmaces a tiny bit, then shouts up, ‘Robin, quick, throw me the shark repellant spray!!’
    One squirt and that joker (not the one with a painted face .. the other one, the fishy kind) was done for.
    Shark fell straight back into the ocean without lunch!!
    Now that really is a fishy tale ….. xx

  72. Jaws – the original and the best, though the scene that really made me jump wasn’t the shark itself but the head bobbing out of the wreckage

  73. The Original Jaws. It is the original and still the film by which all other shark movies should be judged. Effect are better now but it also had a good story.

  74. Jaws because it’s a classic and still scares me when I watch it.

    Just love the cast, atmosphere of the movie and theme music- awesome

  75. Shark Attack 3 – Megalodon. Just for that one line uttered by John Barrowman – ultimate cringe time !!

  76. Sharknando – laughed from beginning to end (a made for TV classic)

  77. Its gotta be Jaws

  78. Jaws, absolute classic

  79. Deep Blue Sea because there was lots of shark action in the film, and it was more exciting than the likes of jaws.

  80. Open Water

  81. Sharknado as it’s hilarious!!

  82. Open water – it’s my worst nightmare!

  83. nothing can beat Jaws

  84. Got to be Jaws 🙂 The original and the classic!

  85. Sharknado because it is ludicrous I mean literally I watched it and couldn’t believe I had sat and watched it! It was so bad I had to get all my friends to watch it to so I didnt feel alone in the mind numbingness of it!

  86. got to be jaws 😉

  87. Mako: Jaws Of Death, the italians really know how to show sharks a good time.

  88. Sharktopus, for the sheer fun of it, and for the turn-up-for-the-paycheque-ness of the cast, pure gold!!! :mrgreen:

  89. Deep blue sea – I like the storyline

  90. Combining some elements of the great horror films Jaws and Tremors, Beach Sharks has to be the greatest!

  91. Deep Blue Sea. Lots of tension – lots of sharks

  92. Has to be Jaws

  93. Jaws, it’s still a classic.

  94. Deep blue sea left my teenage son traumatised when he saw it. The bit when he has his arm bit off

  95. Jaws the original

  96. Jaws. Loads of blood!

  97. Jaws

  98. for years i probably would have said JAWS, but now it’s gotta be Sharknado. you’d never see roy schieder taking on a shark with a chainsaw the way they do in Sharknado. awesone fun 😀

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