Bait director returns with new horror ‘The Nest’, involving Mummies and nightmares


I’m a sucker for most shark films, and it takes a lot for a film involving sharks to ruin my enjoyment. Thankfully director Kimble Rendall’s Bait, released in 2013, was a pleasant surprise, and I really liked it.

Box office returns were not great (it went straight to DVD here in the UK), so plans for a sequel were never likely to be approved, which is a shame. It also appears that the sequel to Bait had a plot similar to the Malaysian airline disappearance, so those behind it were slightly uncomfortable about making it.

Thankfully Rendall has now announced a new film called The Nest, and Variety had the scoop:

Australia’s Kimble Rendall has set China-Australia co-production “The Nest” as his next project after his debut film “Bait 3D” scored with Chinese audiences.

The English-language picture will start pre-production next month and shoot from late October.

The story involves the innocent discovery of a well preserved mummified emperor from 200 BC that unlocks a 2,000 year old nightmare and secrets that should have remained buried.

Production is by Arclight Films International and Nest Holdings with Mike Gabrawy and Elliot Tong as executive producers. Sydney- and Los Angeles-based Arclight will handle international sales. The identity of the Chinese partner has not yet been revealed.

The budget also remains undisclosed, though federal funding body Screen Australia Tuesday confirmed that the film will receive production finance.

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