Behold! ‘Sharracuda’ is coming! Keep out of the damn water!


Yep. the shark movies continue with an Italian entry into the genre called Sharracuda, clever that! The film, strangely enough, will cross a shark with a barracuda, creating a vicious son of a bitch lurking in the sea.

The film will mark the directorial debut of Italian director Alan Mancuso, and being his first film, there is a good chance this will be an extremely nasty creature feature. The director has stated that he loves B-movies, Italian sleaze and Euro trash, don’t we all!

The above image is a piece of concept art for the monster, and below you will find the films first poster. For further updates, head to the official website or the Facebook page.


A small coastal town is suddenly attacked by a giant mutated shark. Three young metalheads, an unusual priest, and a weird marine biologist decide to throw themselves in the pursuit of the
creature with heavy artillery, blessed weapons, and fierce fight. Is the monster an aberration caused by pollution, a government experiment, or is he the manifestation of Satan? Who cares: The hunt is on! An unusual shark movie, filled with a heavy soundtrack provided by some of the best underground death metal, hardcore, punk, doom, and stoner bands around the world.



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