Danish Werewolf horror ‘When Animals Dream’ delivers a frightfully fantastic trailer


The critically acclaimed werewolf horror, When Animals Dream, has already played at a few UK film festivals, and it’s set for a DVD and Blu-ray release on 4th January.

However, we have something really special to share with you tonight, the films official full length trailer, and its a whopper!

Filled with sexual undertones, some sinister horror and some brief but brilliant werewolf scenes, the film looks intense. I can totally get the praise first time director Jonas Alexander Arnby has been receiving for this film, it looks bloody amazing.

When Animals Dream is directed by Jonas Alexander Arnby, and was written by Rasmuch Birch and Christoffer Boe. The cast includes Sonia Suhl, Lars Mikkelsen, Sonja Richter, Jakob Oftebro, Stig Hoffmeyer, Mads Rissom, Esben Dalgaard Andersen, Gustav Dyekjær Giese, Benjamin Boe Rasmussen, and Tina Gylling Mortensen.


Marie is a beautiful and lonely 16-year-old who lives in an isolated village on a small island off the west coast of Denmark. Marie’s mother is seriously ill, suffering from an unknown disease – on medication, mentally absent, and tied to a wheelchair. Marie’s father, Thor, runs the small grocery store and tries to make life as normal as possible for the small family. On the surface, everything seems fine – and yet, Marie can’t help feeling that Thor is hiding something about her mother’s illness.




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