Police are sent straight to Hell in crazy scary ‘Baskin’ trailer, be very very afraid!



After watching the full length trailer for director Can Evrenol’s horror Baskin, my jaw hit the floor and the only words I could mutter were “holy shit!” The trailer, I promise you this, is insane and utterly terrifying. It’s like the bastard offspring of Event Horizon and The Raid (kind of), and it looks glorious!

The first trailer was premiered by Deadline, and it’s to promote the films world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month. Amazingly, this is the directors first feature film, but judging by the quality on show in this trailer, it looks like he’s been directing horror for years.

Baskin is a Turkish horror film, and if you have ever seen films like Dabbe, then you will know that when the Turkish do horror, they don’t mess about. This is one of the best trailers I have seen this year for a horror film, so check it out if you are brave enough. However, I will not be held accountable for sleepless nights and nightmares!

The film follows five cops working the graveyard shift who get called out to the middle of nowhere to investigate a disturbance. Sans backup, the policemen end up in a labyrinthine ruin that conceals the blood soaked den of a group of terrifying cultists that plunges them into a bloody world of violent madness.

Check out some images from the film here.

Baskin is based on a short film of the same name, which was directed by Evrenol and Ogulcan Eren Akay. Here’s the synopsis for the short film:

A group of Turkish police called in to a desolate area stumble upon a squalid and blood-soaked den of satanic ritual… Baskin is a visceral trip into the darkest pits of a very palpable evil.

And here’s the TIFF synopsis for the feature length film:

A squad of unsuspecting cops goes through a trapdoor to Hell when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building.




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