Aug 102015


Following its World Premiere at Film4 FrightFest, Russell Friedenberg’s, supernatural chiller WIND WALKERS will be released in the UK on DVD & Download on September 25, ahead of the late Autumn release in the US.

The film stars Zane Holz, Glen Powell, J LaRose Rudy Youngblood, Kiowa Gordon, Philip Burke, Castille Landon, Russell Friedenberg, Johnny Sequoyah and Christopher Kriesa.

Zane Holz, J LaRose and Castille Landon will be attending the FrightFest screening, alongside director Russell Friedenberg.

A group of friends and family descend into the swamp lands of the Everglades for their annual hunting trip, only to discover that they are the ones being hunted. A malevolent entity is tracking them and they begin to realise that one of their party, Sean (Zane Holtz), may be possessed by something he has brought home from a tour of duty in the Middle East – a demon of war so horrible and deadly that even he is unaware of its devilish presence.

Or are they facing something even more unspeakable? Is a legendary Native American curse about to unleash its dreadful legacy? Has the mysterious Wind Walker beast, thirsting for colonial revenge, returned to claim more souls? With no place to run, the group must make a final stand – before madness and murderous mayhem consumes them all.

The film is a TriCoast Worldwide, Iron Circle Pictures and Sweet Tomato Films Presentation, in association with Ricou Browning Productions. Written and Directed by Russell Friedenberg. Director of Photography, Harrison Sanborn. Executive Producers: J.B. Jones & Thomas E. Kelly Jr. Producers: Dori Sperko, Heather Rae, Ricou Browning Jr. & Elayne Schneiderman Schmidt

The film will be released in the UK on DVD and Download simultaneously on Sept 25, courtesy of TriCoast UK and through Movie Partnership (Digital) and Fusion Media Sales (DVD).


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  1. Sounds like a good film. Would like to add it ot my collection.

  2. Looks like a good film from the clip.

  3. Another great film

  4. Trailer is scary, cannot wait to see the film.

  5. Looks scary.

  6. This will creep my wife out.

  7. Sounds a good horror.

  8. Love the trailer, love the music, can’t wait to see it.

  9. Worth a look

  10. Wow looks awesome

  11. Sounds a canny film

  12. Looks like a film too make you jump out of your chair

  13. Sounds really creepy

  14. sounds creepy and scary – gotta love a film that leaves you scared to sleep with the lights off 😀

  15. sounds scarey!!

  16. sounds very scarey bring it on!!

  17. Looks scary – excellent!

  18. we are hostig a movie night soon, so this would be on the menu xx

  19. looks great

  20. Looks like it could be a good movie

  21. Good enough for FrightFest,good enough for me.

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