Wes Ball to direct brutal Nordic mythology film ‘Fall of Gods’


Wes Ball, the director of the rather excellent The Maze Runner, is set to direct a movie adaptation of Fall of Gods for Fox. The film, which is said to be a brutal, dirty and powerful take of Nordic mythology, is based on an illustrated novel which was recently funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

More info on the book can be found on the campaign page, but we have some truly gorgeous concept art above and below to give you an idea of how awesome this film could be. Also included below is the books synopsis, from the Kickstarter page, plus a video explaining a little about the book can also be found on the campaign page.

Basically, this sounds like a dream movie come true! THR first reported the news.

Steve Tzirlin, best known for his work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, is producing as are Joe Hartwick Jr. and Ball. Brooklyn Weaver is also producing.

Denmark-based Mood Studios concept designer, Rasmus Berggreen, ran point on the book project and teamed up with Michael Vogt, the lead writer of the Hitman video game, with the intent to bring back a more Scandinavian stamp on Norse mythology.


Fall of Gods is an illustrated book inspired by Norse mythology, following Vali, a warrior haunted by his past, but who has found peace in the arms of a woman. For years he has lived far from society, tending to his farm and trying to forget the battles he fought…and the crimes he committed. But one day his love disappears, and he must set out to find her. He will once again have to face the creatures of Jotunheim and the powerful Aesir. Suddenly, the man he thought he had buried deep down inside has risen to the surface once more…and he comes seeking vengeance.





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