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To celebrate the release of horror sequel SINISTER 2 in cinemas across the UK on 21st August 2015, we’ve five prize bundles to give away in our competition, courtesy of eOne.

Courtney (Shannyn Sossamon) and her twin boys, Zach and Dylan, have moved into a seemingly idyllic secluded old house in an attempt to start a new life. But the building has a secret: it is the scene of a gruesome ritualistic murder which bears a striking resemblance to a series of family slayings that have taken place over the past fifty years.

A private detective (James Ransone) investigating the recent massacre of a famous author and his family is led to Courtney and her children, whom he believes will be the next victims. As he pieces together the mystery behind the murders he uncovers an ancient myth that means the killer might be someone – or something – more evil than anything he could have imagined.


If you’d like the chance to win a Sinister 2 prize bundle which contains a heat activated mug, mini camera keyring, retro radio, fitted t-shirt and DVD of Sinister, simply tell us what scene in a horror film scared you the most.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Tuesday 1st September 2015 and five valid comments will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 5 winners will each win 1x Sinister II prize bundle
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.

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  1. In Evil Dead – when Cheryl becomes possessed and they lock her in the cellar and she peers out all gleefully…so creepy. That whole scene is terrifying.

  2. The scene at the end of the first Indisious. I don’t scare easily but when that camera showrd that one of the entities had been brought back – that did it. I cried. Absolute terror.

  3. Those twins in the Shining – freaked me out for days – it was far worse than the “Here’s Johnny” scene 😈

  4. The End Scene from the film Don’t Look Now because the tension builds through out the film so you expect to see the couples daughter but what you see is a evil murdering dwaft which is very disturbing.

  5. for me its always been the exorcist when she gets the cross and stabs her bits and bobs while shouting let Jesus f**k you !!! urgghhhh !!! freaks me out to this day i think its because i was around her age when i watched it and it just stuck in my head ! the film itself isn’t the scariest but that scene gets me every time ! 🙂

  6. The scene in Cabin in the Woods where they suddenly realise what’s been going on the whole time – what if our whole lives were like that?!

  7. There’s a scene in Woman in Black towards the end of the film when Humfrye speeds towards Kipps – no matter how often I see it, it always gives me the creeps.

  8. It would have to be in the Conjuring there are two scenes which are not scary but jumpy and actually launch my popcorn across the cinema. The scene where they are playing the clap clap game and the scene where the spirit launches itself of the top of the wardrobe 🙂 Love a good horror 🙂

  9. The live skinning of the lead female character in Martyrs. It’s a pretty horrific film. That scene was etched on my brain for a long long time. Barbaric and utterly terrifying.

  10. Sinister was genuinely the scariest film I’ve ever seen! The most horrifying bit was when they showed the home video of ‘Lawn Work’, made me jump out of my skin!

  11. Donkey’s years ago – I was about 11 or 12 so early to mid ’70s – I was at home alone watching some old b&w horror about a hand (I recall it being a mummy’s hand) that crawled around killing people off. Now , although I was home alone I was not in any way scared as i watched the hand slowly crawl it’s way over to a man who was writing a letter or something. It crawled up his seat and grabbed his neck just as my sister, who had returned home and came in without me knowing, grabbed my neck! I hit the ceiling, screamed, peed and probably managed a wee, small pooh too.
    To this day a scene has never scared me as much, though quite a few manage to send THAT shiver down my spine.

  12. The scene in the first Nightmare On Elm Street where Johnny Depp gets spewed out of the bed and onto the ceiling in this torrent of red!

  13. Has to be in Audition, the scene when Aoyama finally decides to give Asami a call. Upon her answering, the bag that has been sitting still in her apartment finally flails about violently, i jumped out of my skin!!

  14. Mulholland Drive – wo men sit at a table, discussing a nightmare one of them had where he dreamed of a horrifying figure that sits waiting behind the diner. Tension builds until the two men decide to investigate. As they approach the back of the building, even the most mundane objects become terrifying until events reach a climax and a disfigured goblin like creature emerges from behind the wall, causing one of the men to collapse in terror.

  15. This is going to sound stupid but when the words “Insidious” came up on the screen in the first film there was a loud orchestral screech and it happened so suddenly I jumped about three feet out of my seat in the cinema!

  16. In the TV Movie “Salem’s Lot”, when the child vampire comes to the house and starts to knock on the first floor window asking to be left in. As a 8 year old I remember that giving me nightmares for ages, and when Kevin (my best friend) came around to visit no one could understand why I wanted to stake him with Mum’s broom.

  17. My favourite horror scene is from ‘Carrie’ the original 1976 version. The scene where Sue goes to place flowers on Carrie’s grave and a bloody hand came out of the grave made me jump out of my skin, great film.

  18. The scene from the original evil dead when she gets raped by the tree. Horrible scene that frightened me to death and stopped any country night walks for ages

  19. In the original Nightmare on Elm Street film where the first girl who’s killed is in the body bag standing outside the school classroom door saying “Nancyyyyyyyyy”

  20. Drag Me to Hell – so many bits in this movie that had me hiding behind the sofa, but my favorite was when the girl was alone in the house and the demon appeared and started throwing her around. Yeah, it really started to kick off!

  21. my scariest bit in a film was in saw when two people had to shoeve their arms in to a machine theat was splitting their arms in two until they reached a certain blood loss to kske the machine stop.

  22. I still haven’t watched a movie that betters for creepiness the scene in the original black and white ‘The Haunted ‘ movie where the women are in the bedroom and Crane’s ghost begins banging on the walls from the hallway. Creeepy:)

  23. It has to be the scene at the end of the first insidious when the photo reveals the ghostly woman has been brought back.

  24. The scariest moment in a horror film for me has to be while being forced to watch the original Nightmare on Elm Street by my older brother when I was around 10 years old, the bit where Nancy watched her boyfriend being dragged into a hole in his bed and the blood gushed out all over the ceiling scared the sh1t out of me, I seriously did not want to sleep at night after that in case Freddy came for me in the same way.

  25. Has to be the grudge when she crawls down the stairs making that awful throaty noise. i want to live in a bungalow!!!

  26. For some reason the scene at the end of The Blair Witch Project where the girl comes down the stairs in the house and sees the guy facing the wall always freaks me right out!

  27. In House on Haunted Hill (1999) where Dr. Richard B. Vannacutt, the evil doctor who performed experiments on insane asylum patients. Its the bit from the video clip from the original experiments where the doctor does this weird head shaking thing and zooms straight into the camera. Remember this was one of the first horror films I went to the pics to see and it freaked me out!! Got me hooked thought!!

  28. Although not a horror, the scene in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, we see Large Marge telling her story then showing her scary face.

  29. That moment that leatherface bursts onto the screen with his Chainsaw for the 1st time in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

  30. Shutter (2008) – When the photographer, who has been suffering with a bad back through the movie, notices in one of his photos at the end of the movie the ghost of the woman he killed in a car crash hugging on top of his back

  31. The Shinning is the scariest film I’ve ever seen, especially the scene when the poor black man was walking through the hotel and Jack Nicholson came out and axed him through the stomach. I had nightmares for weeks.

  32. i remember bring really freaked out by the ending of the vanishing/spoorloos. it was the first film i can remember seeing that “broke the rules” like that.

  33. That’s too much of a biggie question to answer 😉 The scenes that have scared me most have been pushed well and truly to the deepest resesses of my sub-concious only to make fleeting re-appearances in my night terrors…think happy thoughts – think happy thoughts 🙂 I still can’t answer the door after watching the Reverend Henry Kane saunter up the driveway and knock on the Freeling’s in Poltergeist.

  34. The boy floating outside the window in Salem’s Lot – watched it when I was a kid and it made me securely lock my window every night thereafter.

  35. The Exorcist: the scene where Linda Blair is being attacked by the demon, then the possessed girl attacks the reverend and screams “F**k me. Probably wouldn’t scare me if released today but watching it at 8 years old……!!! Same for Salem’s Lot, freaked me out big time as I used to sleep beneath a window.

  36. The scene in Insidious III with the waving man. That gave me the creeps for weeks after. Couldn’t bare looking at people in the distance!

  37. the hand coming out of the grave at the end of Carrie, seems a bit tame when I think about it but still makes me jump out of my skin every time!

  38. On our anniversary my boyfriend decided to play Imprint by Takashi Miike. He decided to leave me alone to go and cook when the torture scene started. Ohh my it was gross and sent chills down my spine.

  39. In the movie “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers” (1978), the bit at the end when you think its all over and Donald Sutherland lets out an ear piercing scream.
    Although “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” is scary all the way through as its full of clowns (unnatural weirdoes).

  40. When I was younger it was definitely the scene from IT where the clown speaks to the boy from the storm drain! I still don’t like clowns in the rain!

  41. I think in the Original Nightmare on Elm Street where Freddy Kruger drags Johhny Depp into the bed and turns him into a massive fountain of blood.

  42. The One OF Us scene in Freaks will stay with me forever, so chilling, it’ a film that rarely gets a mention these days when people reference great horror which is a shame, it’s a treasure of a movie which would never be made in this modern day x

  43. The bit right at the end as thought film had finished and then that scary creatures face appeared. See him in my dreams !!

  44. some of the scenes in the original nightmare on elm street something really wrong about the monster getting you in your sleep gave me nightmares 🙂

  45. Alien – Love the way its built up nothing really happens for the first 45-60 mins you are starting to feel safe then you get the bursting out of the chest birth of the Alien so clever and very scary made me have nightmares for a week afraid to say being a 70’s child I do love the classics :0)

  46. The window scene in Woman In Black seriously im a horror fanatic and not scared easily i jumped outta my seat watching that movie how the hell did it get a age rating of 12! Great movie too. 😈

  47. The first time I saw Freddy Kruger. I was about 7 and my brother showed me the movie! That night he sat outside my bedroom door singing 1-2 Freddy’s coming for you!

  48. In children of the corn when they knock the wee boy down and she bends over him lying on the floor he sits up. lol even though i new it was coming it still gave me a fright the million times i watched it

  49. That blooming Jason who no matter how many times he gets shot, no matter whether he gets trapped in vans which burst into flame, no matter if he gets chopped into little pieces he always always manages to come back- how the heck do you finish “something” like that off???

  50. The scariest scene ever for me was in The Poughkeepsie Tapes when the killer ‘rescues’ the British woman from the side of the road while pretending to be a policeman and the horrible conversation that follows as the woman slowly realises she’s now trapped in the back of a serial killer’s car.

  51. does day of the triffids count the film with howard keel watched in when I was young since watching those flares I,ve never been able to look at the sky when theres meters since had a lasting effect scared the hell out of me then and stillcreep me out when I watch it now great film though

  52. I think it’s creepy when people are being stalked so I didn’t like it when the girl was being chased through the woods in Wrong Turn.

  53. Nightmare on elm street when the stairs become like quicksand and she vantage away. I’ve always had nightmares like that

  54. The Grudge 2 where the girl is sat on the bed and the sheets start moving and then the creepy grudge woman pokes her head out!

  55. The part in Sinister where the ‘boogie mans’ face moved on the computer screen but ethan hawke didnt see it!
    it was a great psychological horror!

  56. In Sinister when the the little girl sees the scary girl next to her bed and she puts her finger to her lips and says sshhh x

  57. Here’s Johnny, that face with the axe still scares me. We had louvered doors on our wardrobes at the time, we no longer have those! This film left a big dent in my well-being it is genuinely scary.

  58. When I first watched Ringu, it was fairly new in Japan and it wasn’t a well known film beyond there yet. The part at the end where she crawled out of the TV … I was on my own, in the dark, late at night and the story was totally new to me. I was scared.

  59. The opening scene in Dario Argento’s Demons 2 – where the birthday girl is watching a film on tv when the demon in the film sees her and comes out of the tv and attacks her…in hindsight maybe watching this by myself in the dark wasn’t a good idea!

  60. The ending of Descent 2, couldn’t believe it when the old man shoved her back down the hole, still screaming at the cinema screen each time I think about, my fiance won’t watch it with me as its too frightening for him.

  61. The scariest for me was the Entity when the main character was attacked whilst sleeping. no blood or gore just fear and imagination.

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