Fright Fest 2015 – best to worst


By now you’ve probably got sick of Horror Cult Films coverage of Fright Fest (reviewed here, here, here, here and here). However, if you want a quick run down of the films in order of best to worst then this is the page for you. Please note that festival goggles are a fairly legit thing (i.e. a movie seems better or worse because it’s encountered after little sleep alongside other horror films) so scores may be slightly skewed.

  1. The Hallow
  2. Turbo Kid
  3. We Are Still Here
  4. Shut In
  5. Jeruzalem
  6. A Christmas Horror Story
  7. Tales of Halloween
  8. Emelie
  9. Night Fare
  10. Worry Dolls
  11. Slumlord
  12. Bait
  13. Deathgasm
  14. Stung
  15. Summer Camp
  16. Last Girl Standing
  17. Inner Demon
  18. The Diabolical
  19. Demonic
  20. Road Games
  21. Cherry Tree
  22. Landmine Goes Click
  23. Some Kind of Hate
  24. Hostile
  25. Hangman
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