Intriguing British horror ‘Memento Mori’ begins Kickstarter campaign


Here at HCF we are always pleased to support independent horror, especially when it has a great idea behind it, and Memento Mori certainly has what we like.

Memento Mori is the art of photographing recently deceased loved ones, and was commissioned by grieving families back in 19th and early 20th century. These creepy photos would often be the only reminder those left behind would have of their loved ones, and helped with the grieving process. A new horror film,  from student director Olivia Starr, aims to use this as the basis of her film.

Olivia Starr is an exceptional student currently studying for her Master in Film-making (Directing). She has successfully produced and directed short films as part of her projects for her masters having previously worked on films such as AB Negative, Cross and Pool Table Bust. Previously she was also chosen to direct a behind the scenes documentary for Best of the Best Dream Car Competition 2015. She is currently working on her final project which she is aiming to take to film festivals. Olivia is based in London, UK, and graduated with a BA (Hons) in multimedia and will be graduating with an MA Film-making (Directing) in 2015 from MET Film School | Ealing Studios, London, UK.

Olivia first got the idea for Memento Mori when looking through some of these old Victorian photos about a year ago which her sister had shown her. She found the topic so interesting that she quickly researched into the history behind these photos to make this film. Olivia had her own vision for the film however needed a writer to structure her story/outline. She then got in contact with Paloma Lommel who was very interested and wanted to come on board to make Olivia’s vision come to reality.

A Kickstarter campaign has been created to help fund the film, and you will find more information on the campaign page. Below you’ll find a video going into further detail about the horror flick.

Mariah Nonnemacher is producing, and she says “As an actor, and as a student I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked to work for free. I have personally held the belief that just because we’re students does not devalue our efforts, work or creativity. I do not plan on asking anyone to work for free on this project, and plan on giving everyone a job that can help pay their bills, express themselves through their art, and give them a finished product they can be proud to put on their CVS.

Please help us to achieve this amazing new film, we will certainly be proud to create it”

She also reveals location struggles, and how Kickstarter can help: “We have several challenges ahead of us one of them being location. Finding location is on of our biggest issues right now, and of course money can solve that issue. We currently have several locations on standby however without funding we can not set these places in stone. We have a terrific crew, cast, and script all we need now is funding. We don’t want this film to not go through because of funding so please help us acquire what we think is a new and unique horror film”


A horror film that bridges the gap between a Victorian era woman in a memento-mori photo and a current photography student Rachel.


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