Lost After Dark creators planning ‘Waxwork’ remake?


Lost After Dark is a retro slasher horror that has yet to be released here in the UK, but the trailers look terrific, perfectly fitting for an 80’s throwback. Director Ian Kessner and writer Bo Ransdell are now looking to return to the 80’s with their planned next feature, a remake of the 1988 horror Waxwork.

The original film a deranged wax museum owner unleashes his terrifying creations on a group of visitors to the museum. The wax models come to life, killing anyone they desire. It’s a simple, yet brilliant idea and the film is one of the better horror films to come out of the 80’s. It also spawned a sequel, Waxwork 2: Lost In Time.

In an interview with Nerd Report, Kessner revealed:

“Right now we’re working on a couple of other horror projects. One of them is a reboot of the ‘80s classic Waxwork,”

Writer Ransdell shared a bit more information:

“I would love to see Waxwork get some legs under it,”. He also said that this was in the very early stages, but they do have the support of the original films director, Anthony Hickox. “I think we’ve got a real fun take on that and actually have the blessing of Anthony Hickox who wrote and directed the original so we’re not just doing fan fiction. We can see a path to this getting made potentially and I would love to see that happen for sure.”

Asked if the new films would use Madame Tussauds as an idea, Ransdell said:

“Not directly but all wax figures are weird and creepy. I don’t necessarily care where they arise from. They’re just all unsettling to me.”

“It’s got a Something Wicked This Way Comes vibe where the waxwork appears in town overnight,” Kessner adds. “It’s really fun. It’s also an opportunity for us to play in a whole bunch of horror genres, kind of an anthology where the characters keep falling into these different vignettes or the different worlds where they tackle different horror tropes, and they tackle the best parts of it, the climax. So it’s really fun for us if we get to make it because we get to explore all these different genres within the horror, sort of like Cabin in the Woods.”

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