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No matter how commercial and cheesy it has become, Halloween has to be one of the favourite holidays amongst horror fans. Kids have been trick or treating since the 1920’s, going round the neighbourhood dressed in “scary” costumes (there really is nothing more terrifying than a small child covered in a white sheet with some eye holes cut out) asking for sweets. But practically every industry has found a way to cash in on the popularity of Halloween; here are a few ways to keep yourself entertained in the meantime if you are also a huge Halloween fan.

An increasingly popular sector at the moment is board games, a lot of franchises use this as a merchandise platform and some such as Star Wars X-Wing have been incredibly popular, one of the most famous horror board game franchises was Atmosfear, this classic game had you play along to a video tape, I remember playing the Gatekeeper as a child and I’m getting slightly nostalgic thinking about it! Arkham Horror was another popular one, based in the fictional city of Arkham (home of the Arkham asylum which holds the likes of the Joker and Harley Quinn). Video gaming is becoming a more popular platform for younger generations, there are also a great deal of horror games available across a multitude of platforms such as the insanely popular Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise available initially on PC through Steam, due to its high demand it was developed into a mobile game.

Mobile gaming has become so popular, there is something to cater for everyone, so horror fans can have a game of Esqueleto Explosivo slots; you can even play for free! So if you have completed the Five Nights at Freddy’s series or already picked up the latest copy of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 on PlayStation 4.

Merchandise has become a very popular market again, and horror has always been the big money player in that business, with movie props selling for thousands to collectors. Due to the increase in popularity of the likes of Marvel and DC, there are a lot more places open dedicated purely to selling movie or pop cult merchandise, shops like travelling man and forbidden planet, which try to cater for all small niches.

So don’t worry that you’ve got to wait over a month to get your scream mask out and terrify you kids with some genius yet evil prank, take a look at some of the abovementioned to keep you in the horror mood.

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