Shooting begins this week on chilling UK horror short ‘Rats’


Director Mark Logan created an Indiegogo campaign to help fund his short horror film Rats, and the campaign not only reached it goal, it smashed it, and so shooting begins this week, so be prepared for some serious scares.

The short film also has a rather impressive cast, and will shoot at an atmospheric location for maximum impact. You can view the pitch video below, and here is some information on the film per the Indiegogo campaign.

RATS is a short film in the vein of the classic Amicus stories from the portmanteau films like DR TERRORS HOUSE OF HORRORS and TALES FROM THE CRYPT., but in a distinctly modern twist. It features an incredibly atmospheric location, an amazing cast (including Nicholas Vince and Laurence R Harvey) and an incredibly scary new creature, the like of which we don’t think you’ve seen before. A creature created using all practical effects, made by the uber-talented Paul While.

When Rats was being written, the remit Mark gave himself was:

Make it scary!

Give it a rich vein of dark humour!

Make it entertaining!


Bill is a middle aged lecturer and antiquarian book specialist who arrives at Montague Castle to catalogue the library’s more interesting volumes. But Bill has other things on his mind for his time away from his young family. He intends to spend a night of passion with Jess, one of his undergraduates.
What better way to impress a girl than to have a night alone with the run of a castle?

Only they aren’t quite alone. There are scratching noises from the room next door, and the sense that someone, or something, is watching. By the end of this night, Bill will learn that all actions have consequences especially within these ancient walls.

Terrible, terrifying consequences…


“Not all castles were built to keep things out!”




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