Trailer for Tarantino-like ‘Rattle the Cage’ is filled with brutal violence and ultra dark comedy


Having its world premiere at this weekends Fantastic Fest is the United Arab Emirates thriller Rattle the Cage (Zinzana). The first trailer has just been released, and it looks terrific.

Written and directed by Majid Al Ansari, the film clearly has lots of Tarantino influences in there, but still manages to appear fresh and exciting without feeling too much of a rip off. The dialogue is sharp and fun, the violence looks pretty nasty, and the whole setup has a seriously dark but playful vibe, which is incredibly impressive.

Here is the official synopsis:

Talal (Saleh Bakri) has just woken up in a police cell, feeling like hell. He has no memory of the night before, no memory of how he ended up locked up, and no ID to prove who he is. His desperate situation gets a lot worse with the arrival of Al Daban (Ali Suliman) posing as a police officer from a neighbouring town who has discovered Talal’s wallet with his ID – an item that should secure Talal’s release. However, Al Daban is not who he first appears to be but is instead a brilliant and charming psychopath who enjoys playing violent, vicious and unexpected mind games.

Manipulating everyone he comes across, the charismatic but corrupt Al Daban uses Talal’s past mistakes and his love for his family to get what he wants. The situation quickly intensifies as Talal learns his family is on their way to the jail and that Al Daban plans to intercept them. Talal must figure out a way to escape the cage he’s trapped in and out-maneuver Al Daban’s cunning if he and his family are to survive.


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