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To celebrate the release of Wojciech Has’ THE SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT on Blu-Ray on 7th September 2015, we’ve two copies to give away courtesy of Mr Bongo Films.

During Napoleon’s invasion of Spain, two soldiers discover a strange manuscript at an Inn. The book chronicles the adventures of Alfonso van Worden (Zbigniew Cybulski – Ashes and Diamonds). Alfonso’s passage through the dangerous Sierra Morena mountains is repeatedly interrupted by seemingly random encounters with an assortment of larger than life figures. Tunisian princesses inform Alfonso that he is their cousin and their betrothed; an occult scholar ensnares Alfonso with confounding stories about feuds between Merchants and hardships faced by gypsies. And of course, Alfonso never did expect the Spanish Inquisition.

Adapted from explorer Jan Potocki’s magnum opus, Wojciech Has’ The Saragossa Manuscript is a major cult film of the 1960s. Its admirers include film-makers Luis Buñuel and David Lynch as well as musician Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead. Its approach to storytelling, admiringly described by comics artist Neil Gaiman as a ‘labyrinth inside a maze’, features stories within stories, alternatively frightening and comical in its mind-bending exploration of human nature.

Fully and recently restored version of Has’ psychedelic epic.

For your chance to win The Saragossa Manuscript on Blu-Ray, simply comment below telling us your favourite mind-bending movie and why.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Thursday 17th September 2015 and two valid comments will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 2 winners will each win 1x The Saragossa Manuscript on Blu-Ray
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.



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  66 Responses to “Win THE SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT on Blu-Ray In Our Competition”

  1. Groundhog Day, simple concept wonderfully written

  2. One of my favourites is Being John Malkovic – original, inventive and very funny.

  3. Inception, because it’s clever, beautiful and innovative

  4. Fight Club

  5. carrie such great scenes

  6. Matrix, which pill would you take? great movie with lots of new dimensions.

  7. interstellar because i cant work out how being on a planet a couple of minutes means that years have gone by back on the spaceship.Space is confusing!

  8. the disco godfather. a blaxploitation disco movie that becomes a message movie that becomes a cop movie that becomes a kung-fu movie that becomes a weird drugged fuelled freak out that leaves your jaw hanging open.

    this looks more akin to wake in fright or el topo though. not a bad thing at all.

  9. For a mind bending film it has to be David Lynch and my personal favourite is Lost Highway. Amazing performances and visually stunning as you follow the characters through this dreamlike world. Worthy of a discussion as everyone has there own interpretation of what it means.

  10. The Manchurian Candidate (original version). Laurence Harvey is brainwashed into becoming an assassin for the communists. Fantastic film.

  11. Timecrimes – the way that all of the potential paradoxes are avoided is amazing.

  12. looper – it hurt my head

  13. Memento – Great film. Makes you want to watch it over & over again.

  14. The ending of 2001, was Kubrick on acid?

  15. Inception – very odd

  16. Memento – first movie to make you think and see a movie in a very different way

  17. Matrix is up there. nothing to do with keanu Reeves honest

  18. Altered States threw me for a real loop when I was a teenager, I actually thought that someone had put shots in my lager when we were round my mates….. Still gives me a headache when I watch it.

  19. The Sea That Thinks – an award-winning, brain-bashing reality check that may result in several sessions of psychotherapy

  20. The Matrix – Certainly bent my mind.

  21. Brazil – Need I say more.

  22. I am torn between twelve monkeys and the butterfly effect but will go with the butterfly effect I loved the alternate ending and it was really mind bending

  23. No one mentioned eraserhead. That blew my mind. I can till hear the tapping of the radiator

  24. I will go with A nightmare on Elm Street. Not being able to tell what is real and what is a dream was very confusing and scary.

  25. Inception – very odd

  26. The Usual Suspects was a great film

  27. Close Encounters of the Third Kind, because just WHAT IF craft like that really were visiting earth?. the old concept that distances in space were simply too great for craft from another world to reach earth and vice versa, but there is the fact now that space can be bent (and is bent by the extreme forces of gravity around giant other suns and black holes)-bent to the extreme that stars which would normally be out of our direct eye line, come into the eye line due to the space around giants suns and black holes bending space and indeed light– and if some alien species has developed the ability to bend space travelling across space would just be like popping next door. Think of a flat sheet of A4 paper with a pencil doton the far left and another on the far right. The distance between them being very great. Now pick up the flat piece of paper and bend it into a tube like shape so the two pencil marks are now back to back. The two marks are now adjacent and can be joined by just pushing the pencil point through the two dots. No distance at all. And even wormholes, once in the reals of Star Trek etc are now actualy thought to be possible in real life after research by Stephen Hawking. Could the entrances and exits of worm holes be pre-determined by aliens far in advance of our selves- in the concept of the age and the universe, we-human beings- are a relatively new species, there could well be other aliens out there millions maybe even billions of years more advanced that oursleves in technology and space and “time” travel. Why don’t we have definate proof if this was true? How do you know we havn’t already? There are some things- hidden by the cia and security, that the usa even hide from their President. Can it be pure chance that several Presidents have seen and believe in UFO’s? and have asked questions only to be told its a need to know and you don’t need to know- to the President!!! cue x-files music….

  28. A Matter of Life and Death starring David Niven, brilliant concept where he had to argue between life and death infront of a court of cellestial dignitaries.

  29. Alien, you never knew what was going to happen next.

  30. David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch. Having read the book first (William S Burroughs) I knew to expect something quite out there but even then I was not prepared for the visual feast of a portrayal of such a drug-addled mind. I’ve watched this film three times including in 1991 when it came out and I still have trouble “getting it.” In fact, I probably don’t! Strange dialogue, visual viscera and scenic segways all combine to make it an enjoyable if not fully understandable adaptation.

  31. fight club – I was like OMG!

  32. Sliding doors – crazy story

  33. Groundhog Day, brilliantly written and acted


  35. Sixth Sense – never saw the twist coming. Some films immerse you so deeply that you become blind to seeing outside the box.

  36. Groundhog Day love it

  37. Shutter Island is just amazing!!!

  38. Inception I still not get it

  39. The Sixth Sense. Brilliant film with a fantastic twist at the end. Never saw it coming.

  40. inception because each time you watch it you see something else,,,

  41. Donnie Darko. Every time I watch it I notice something new.

  42. I remember watching a film called Identity. Its about a motel where everybody is being killed by an unknown assailant. The twist at the end – its the mind of a schizophrenic and hes killing all his personalities. Shutter Island was pretty much the same story just set in a different location.

  43. Pans labyrinth. Its fun, imaginative and magicial

  44. eXistenZ – is it real or not?

  45. It would have to be the Matrix as it had a clever story,great charactors and special effects

  46. Matrix original, not the sequels 😉

  47. It would have to be Inception

  48. Misery – it disturbed me emotionally

  49. The final part of “2001: A Space Odyssey”

  50. The Ninth Gate, when Jonny Depp’s female co-star, turns out to be the Whore of Babylon.

  51. The Matrix made me think that I didn’t know what to think

  52. Momento – great film!

  53. Shutter island

  54. eXistenZ because it went straight over my wife’s head. I thought it was quite clever.

  55. I loved watching Memento, I watched that film several times over and loved every minute

  56. Grounghog day was mindbendng because after a while I was like what????

  57. the first total recall film is a total mind bend

  58. sixth sense ..I didn’t guess the ending at all, which I always can on every movie!
    you’re supposed to watch it twice to get the full effect, once you know the ending.
    it’s very clever .. and very sad xx

  59. That’s a difficult question for me, because every time any of my family or friends say that something was confusing, or difficult to understand, I truly don’t understand why. I guess I’d have to see something like Matrix purely because I found it an interesting concept.

  60. DUNE greatest science fiction film of all time

  61. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind – very confusing with the manipulation of memory aspect, better second time!

  62. DUNE great film

  63. Inception, so mind bending I didn’t get it!! I need to watch it again.

  64. fight club is a brilliant film

  65. RIPD I need to watch it again.

  66. the grey as they all die

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