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To celebrate the release of The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season in the UK, we’ve two copies on DVD to giveaway to our lucky readers!

Rick and the group are outnumbered, outgunned and awaiting to discover their fate at the hands of their captors at Terminus.  Are these survivors over-precautious new friends or an unnerving new foe? No matter the result, the group now know more than ever they will need to fight the living if they wish to survive in the world of the dead.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season is available now on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Entertainment One

For your chance to win THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON on DVD, simply comment below telling us which The Walking Dead character is your favourite and why.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Monday 12th October 2015 and two valid comments will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 18 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 2 winners will win 1x The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.


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  165 Responses to “Win THE WALKING DEAD – THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON on DVD In Our Competition”

  1. It has to be Daryl for me. I like the way his character has evolved plus he kicks ass with the cross bow and doesn’t take any crap from anyone.

  2. daryl for me too no messing about

  3. I like Michonne, she takes no prisoners.

  4. Eugene. It takes someone special to style out the apocalypse sporting a mullet!

  5. Daryl’s poncho, carols killer instinct and Tara’s admirable resilience in her fight against the sexual advances of eugene

  6. Rick, “This Isn’t a Democracy”, there you go, end of argument

  7. Rick – he’s a top bloke.

  8. Daryl!! by far, He takes no crap and hes got an awesome crossbow!! Best weapon of the group 🙂

  9. Daryl! Fit as … and a complete badass too! I reckon he’d do a pretty good job of keeping me safe in the event of a zombie apocalypse!

  10. Tomas just love his hair 😉

  11. Rick because he’s fearless

  12. Michone as her sword is totally badness!!

  13. Carl Full of attitude

  14. Rick is my favourite. He is the best of men but will do the worst of deeds to survive and protect. Every one is affected by his choices. He will shed a tear when a friend returns unharmed or leave a stranger to die. He will stop to think when others lose their heads or draw as fast as a gunslinger.

  15. Rick Grimes love the ‘lead’ character he keeps it all going.

  16. Rick Grimes

  17. My favourite is Daryl because he is the most charismatic character.

  18. Hershel! I was gutted when he died, I’ve got a Funko of him and an action figure.

  19. It’s a toss-up between Daryl and Carol. Daryl because he’s awesome and always has been, but Carol because she’s gotten pretty badass (ie Terminus) and makes a really good character.

  20. Daryl. I think his progression from an angry, slightly selfish bad-ass, to someone who actually cares about the rest of the group now has been brilliant to watch. I’ve loved seeing his character develop over the series

  21. Rick Grimes for his leadership and his never say die attitude

  22. Carol – started out as a little mouse and became a strong woman. She does what she thinks has to be done, whatever the risks.

  23. Daryl because he can live off the land,he is a loner so if he became seperated he could mange without goung insane,also he is loyal.

  24. I think Michonne is awesome, as she is a mistress of the machete!

  25. I love Carol. Her transformation into a badass has been such fun to keep up with. The actress was remarkable in ‘The Grove’ too

  26. I have many Michonne, Daryl, Rick for many reasons but the one that sticks out is Carol her transformation stands out the most to me from quite say boo to no one to a kick ass don’t mess with my ‘family’ lady I LOVE it!…. now cookie anyone 😉 x

  27. Michonne, She has a samurai sword and an attitude, what’s not to like.

  28. Daryl, he just takes out the walkers with no remorse.

  29. Len,because even he makes my husband look good !!

  30. carol – she is hardcore

  31. “Rick”, no nonsense

  32. Has to be Carl only because no one else will say he is their favourite.

  33. Has to be Carol, my namesake|

  34. I love Andrew Lincoln

  35. I’ve never watched it! OK, I’ll pick a name at random. Daryl. Because it’s an unlikely name.

  36. Daryl, because he’s tough and gorgeous!

  37. Carol – she’s smart, tough and has developed the most as a character.

  38. Daryell is sexy!

  39. Rick for his leadership and sense of responsibility

  40. Daryl because he is the most efficient in making sure you are safe as well as being very loyal

  41. Daryl with his crossbow!!

  42. Daryl – crossbow – nuff said

  43. It’s all about Rick!

  44. I like Daryl Dixon. He’s a bit of a redneck with a trigger happy finger but helping the group survive the zombie hoards has brought out his softer, gentler side….aaahh 😉

  45. Daryl. He’s a really interesting character.

  46. Carol – she’s a scene stealer! Just one look is enough.

  47. I’ve always been a fan of Rick since the first season but seeing the recent trailer of the new season I’m thinking he’s gonna mess it up for the group. May turn to find a new favourite character

  48. Carl, He’s gonna be such a badass when he grows up! Fathered by Rick, trained for walker killing by Daryl and Michonne and taught compassion by Hershal and Glen.

  49. Michone because she is a fantastic actress and she has a wiked attitude as her character

  50. I love Daryl Dixon, I think his character is one of the most realistic and if I was living in a post Apocalyptic world I would definitely want him on my side!

  51. Daryl – He just says it how it is, no holds barred.

  52. Daryl – rock hard, cool bow.

  53. Daryl is so badass

  54. Daryl is the bloke you want to watch your back during the apocalypse of the walking dead.

  55. Carol as she is gradually developing her character and I think that is more to come

  56. always glen,kept his loving side even when he has to be tough x

  57. Rick because he’s top dog

  58. I want to say Rick because of his leadership qualities and the way he keeps the group together and his flaws and all that but you know, it’s really got to be Daryl because he rocks – the motorbike, the crossbow, the poncho and the way he named Judith ‘Little Ass Kicker’. Be still my beating heart!

  59. Rick Grimes, love how his character has progressed throughout the show

  60. Has to be Daryl great character arc come so far from the first season!

  61. Gotta be Daryl doing an updated Clint Eastwood modern day western loner who kicks ass

  62. Rick – wouldn’t be much of a show without him.

  63. Daryl, no messing about

  64. Rick Grimes for his leadership

  65. Carol – for the no messing way she got over her daughter

  66. Michonne, silent, deadly and truly kicks ass!

  67. Maggie Greene, well you’ve got to have a bit of glamour to stave off all ugly mugs of all the walking dead ‘monsters’.

  68. Carl. He started out as this whiny little kid and now he is one of the toughest

  69. Carl, he has had it rough but he is just as much of the team as anyone else, will kill when need to

  70. Gonna have to jump on the bandwagon and say Daryl Dixon! He’s the perfect combination of badass and caring. Him and Beth were fantastic *sob*

  71. Carol – she’s gone from being completely terrified of everything and incapable of defending herself form being the toughest of all and a total badass.

  72. Rick, he is the man!

  73. Has to be Daryl Dixon! He is the best character by far. Fantastic acting every episode, you cant NOT like him!

  74. Michonne, shes very scary

  75. I Love Daryl, he is a bad ass and a tough cookie, not to mention god damn sexy!

  76. Michonne – despite being utterly badass, she’s held onto her humanity.

  77. daryl is the best.i bet he scrubs up well to under all that dirt.

  78. without a doubt Daryl

  79. I liked Mearle Dixon before he died. He didn’t care about anything but himself. It was the best way to survive until he crossed the wrong people.

  80. daryl straight to the point

  81. Michonne – she’s as hard as nails!

  82. Michonne – she has a Samurai sword, what more is there to say.

  83. It has to be Rick. They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going…. or was that sing… well he is tough personified! He ripped a guys throat open with his bare teeth!

  84. rick

  85. I like Michonne, she Knows how to look after herself

  86. Rick, will do anything to survive

  87. Rick as he is strong enough to keep the group together and will go to any means to protect them

  88. Daryl. He’s a total badasss.

  89. Judith, because she represents the future they are all fighting for. She also looks sweet and so puzzled when she is handed around all the characters.

  90. Oh, Michonne for sure. She has a few special tricks up her sleeve! Good gal… Would def be on her side if out there!

  91. Michonne – her sword is THE zombie-killer!

  92. Rick – a born leader

  93. Rick he’s always in control

  94. Michonne – Would you want anyone else with you. She is ace!

  95. Daryl because he is an expert at hunting, tracking, and navigating. Due to these survival skills, he is valued as an important member of the group.

  96. Daryl. Love a bit of crossbow action!

  97. Michon…
    Bad add zombie slayer!

  98. Daryl – just because he is lovely!

  99. Rick–hes scared of nothing

  100. Daryl for kicking backside and showing the world how to use a crossbow!

  101. Carol, love her transformation 🙂

  102. My favourite was Tyreese because he had a good heart!

  103. Michonne as she is such a strong character and takes no messing!

  104. Daryl is my favorite character, he is one of the originals from series one and i think he has developed so much from the hillbilly little brother he was in series one. and he is easy on the eyes <3

  105. Daryl , he’s a lovely bad boy and i want to ride off into the sunset on a bike with him x

  106. Michonne as she’s a bad ass with her sword

  107. We all love Darryl in our home

  108. Michone – love the sword

  109. Daryl for me great character bad boy

  110. Darryl is my fave because he is straight to the point and so laid back!

  111. Carol – she can play the act of an older lady happy to be baking and playing all nice then when she needs to – she turns into friggin Rambo and takes out a whole camp to free her friends!!

  112. Carol because shes so ruthless – she can do anything! When she threatened the boy, that was a classic

  113. Rick because calling your children Carl and Judith takes some serious balls…

  114. Daryl Dixon! He’s a badass with a heart of gold.

  115. Daryl its been a joy to see his character develop over the seasons such an amazing actor and deffo someone i would want on my team should a zombie apocalypse break out

  116. Darryl I think is the best x

  117. Michonne, she is cool with the swords

  118. Daryl tough on the outside but a big softie underneath it all

  119. Rick, he shows no fear – no matter the situation…

  120. Gone but never forgotten my ultimate fave character was Merle Dixon , he was a real bad boy turned good story , even during his bad boy days as the Governors stooge you could see the immense love for his brother shine from inside .The most heartbreaking scene ever — when he turned and Daryl had to take him out ????

  121. Carol for me, I think she is brilliant!

  122. Daryl straight to the point, just how i like it

  123. rick as hes such a hero and so sexy!!

  124. Daryl – no messing character. Plus his appearance seems to get dirtier every season! Reminds me of John McLane’s vest haha.

  125. Daryl! He’s a tough guy but soft at the same time 🙂

  126. Glen 🙂 One of the good guys <3

  127. Daryl is my favourite as he takes no messing but he’s a good guy!

  128. Michonne is my favourite character. She’s just so badass, when there’s an apocolypse I’d really hope to be just like her!

  129. Rick because he holds the group together

  130. Glen – he’s the good guy that we all could see ourselves being xxx

  131. Daryl, obvs – isn’t he everyone’s favourite?

  132. Glenn, is one of my favs, purely for his mustache, and the speed it’s growing 😉

  133. I love Glenn – he is a true survivor. He is the one they send when things need to get done. I really hope he survives this season and doesnt get to meet Negan! Oh and he adores Maggie which is sweet!I

  134. Daryll, he’s badass

  135. my favourite is Michonne,she’s cool & collected and I love the way she hangles her sword.

  136. Darryl – he is great with a bow, he’s no nonsense, he has a sensitive side and lets be honest he is gorgeous too 🙂

  137. Daryl because of his bike

  138. I have never seen it

  139. Eugene is my favourite character. he is like one of those old wrestlers from Saturday afternoon wrestling . i get all nostalgic when he is on screen ha ha

  140. I love Carol and how much she has changed since she regained control of her own life, she’s toughened up so much i’m wondering if there is anything she won’t do

  141. rick toprotect and lead strong but passionate about things too great giveaway

  142. Daryl because he is very handsome x

  143. Rick because he’s fearless

  144. Rick what a man! and a Dad!

  145. Rick what a man and he’s a dad!

  146. Daryl, gotta love that crossbow

  147. Daryl. Dark but soft too. He’s always a bit of a loose cannon. I find him intriguing and complex. All the good qualities of a decent character plot.

  148. Michonne because she is one tough lady

  149. Michone – because she is my kinda woman!

  150. Daryl he is class take no crap dead the end

  151. Glen heis one of the good guys

  152. Daryl. Because he uses the coolest weapon, a crossbow.

  153. never watch it but i will start

  154. “Rick”, no nonsense

  155. Maggie, sexy and dangerous

  156. Daryl – terrible hair, but his attitude and support of the others (even amid grumpiness) is steadfast

  157. Michone …… because she has a massive sword 🙂

  158. Carl for his attitude

  159. Daryl for me-definitely,no questions asked!

  160. Carl Full of attitude

  161. Daryl, cool as a cucumber and more tasty

  162. It has to be daryl for me, he is so slick, pretty cool and could of been in the movie the good, the bad and the ugly with his cool poncho on x

  163. Carl is my fav!

  164. It has to be Daryl

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