‘Annabelle’ writer returns for sequel, James Wan to produce


James Wan’s critical and financial hit, The Conjuring, was so successful (one of the biggest money making horror films of all time) it spawned not only a sequel, but also a prequel.

Annabelle was released last year, and while the critical reception was not as good as that of The Conjuring, the film still went on to make $26 million worldwide, on a budget of just $6.5 million. The fact a sequel has now been confirmed is not exactly shocking news.

The Tracking Board confirmed the news, stating that Annabelle writer Gary Dauberman is returning to write the sequel, and Wan will also return to produce.

Annabelle director John Leonetti is not expected to return, and the hunt is now on for a new director.

Following the superb financial and critical reception to The Conjuring, a spinoff/prequel featuring the film’s creepy mascot – the possessed doll named Annabelle- was quickly rushed into production. Loosely based on a true story, the film follows a a couple who find that their vintage doll becomes the host for a malevolent entity after their house is broken into by a satanic cult.

While Annabelle was far from perfect, it did have a couple of really effective scares, especially the wonderful basement scene, so I am interested in seeing where the story goes, and whether a new director can improve on the fairly mediocre first film.

With Wan once again producing, the film should hopefully deliver, and with The Conjuring sequel (which Wan is directing) heading to cinemas next year, Annabelle 2 will certainly be aiming for an even bigger box office haul.

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