Destroy happiness with this savage full length ‘World of Kanako’ trailer


The World of Kanako, from Japanese director Tetsuya Nakashima (Confessions, Kamikaze Girls), is said to be an unrelenting, violent and highly disturbing film about a man trying to find his daughter.

Last week a quirky and violent teaser trailer was released, but now comes the full length trailer which really gets to the heart of the story, and the destruction of happiness. You can almost taste the fathers desperation to find his daughter in this dramatic and chilling trailer, and once again it delivers some truly shocking scenes of violence.

Be warned, this trailer is extremely NSFW!

No UK dates have been announced yet, but in the US The World of Kanako will be released on December 4th in select theaters, as well as being available via multiple digital VOD platforms including Amazon Instant, iTunes, Vimeo, VHX, and more. A US Blu-ray and DVD release is slated for early 2016.

The World of Kanako is directed by Tetsuya Nakashima.


An uncompromising revenge thriller of operatic scope, The World of Kanako is a non-stop visual and emotional assault to the senses as it follows troubled ex-detective Akikazu (Kôji Yakusho, 13 Assassins, Babel) on the hunt for his missing teenage daughter, Kanako. What he discovers in his search is an unsettling and harrowing web of depravity––surrounding both Kanako and himself. As Akizaku stumbles along a shocking trail of drugs, sex and violence, he finds himself woefully unprepared for the revelations that affect all he holds dear.

Directed by Tetsuya Nakashima (Confessions, Japan’s submission for the Academy’s® best foreign language film in 2011), The World of Kanako is an astonishing tour de force of mystery, beauty and boundary-pushing violence. A wildly kinetic and startlingly venomous throwback to the best that Asian extreme cinema has to offer, The World of Kanako offers a trip right up to the edge of a man’s private hell––and over it.




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