LATEST TV: Lethal Weapon re-boot heading for the small Screen! Will the magic return though?



Any faint hopes of a Shane Black writing and directing a Lethal Weapon 5 and seeing the return of Mel Gibson back in a career saving role as Martin Riggs are now long gone!

Warner Bros Television is teaming up with Fox and Forever‘s Matthew Miller to bring Riggs and Murtaugh back for a whole new adventure, but its heading for the small screen, with other actors in the roles!

We are being told that the premise will follow the 1987 original of an unhinged cop teaming up with another more family veteran cop to take down the bad guys in all their gun blazing fashion!

Richard Donner who directed all four films in the franchise will have no involvement in the series but has given his blessing to this new format.

It seems that this is the new craze in Hollywood, remaking old movies into TV shows, with Scream TV already being aired along with Minority Report and Limitless.  We also have Rush Hour, Galaxy Quest and The A Team all set to hit the screens in the next year!

Lethal Weapon was a huge blockbuster, built on the success of Mel Gibson who was turning into a massive superstar thanks to his Mad Max films.

It be interesting to see if the TV Show will be able to keep the magic and chemistry of the two leads because Gibson and Danny Glover made the franchise sparkle?

Label me curious but concerned over this!

Ross Hughes




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