While the largely unwanted Point Break remake goes ahead and is currently shooting, Patrick Swayze fans probably aren’t too happy that Road House, his hugely entertainingly violent, trashy, guilty pleasure of a movie [indeed, you can read my review of it in the ‘guilty pleasure’ section of this website], is also about to be remade. One thing that I was actually quite pleased to hear was that mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey was going to star, because having a female in the lead role will bring a new dimension and the story and may stop me thinking of Swayze so much when I watch the movie [which of course I will do, despite my dislike of all these remakes which seem to grow like weeds at the moment]. It also means that the fighting should be good, as long as the director lets us see it properly and doesn’t ruin it with shakycam and over-editing.

The person helming the film was originally going to be Rob Cohen, and you can’t really say that the Fast And The Furious and XXX director isn’t a suitable choice, but for some reason he’s bailed on the project. The replacement? Nick Cassavetes, best known for The Notebook, though he himself has said that the heartbreaking weepie [yep, it makes me blub every time] is his worst film. Cassavetes doesn’t on the face of it sound like a very appropriate choice, and even his other, usually grittier pictures like John Q and Alpha Dog wouldn’t automatically make you think he should direct a martial arts movie, but I am just a bit intrigued to see how he handles one. He’s certainly a talented filmmaker, though I fear that he may make the film too classy which the original movie certainly isn’t, and is all the best for it!

The Road House remake has no confirmed release date, but is set to start shooting early next year.


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